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Geology Learning Center

Tour #2   Geology Learning Center  


This is a visit to the Geology Learning Center in Lynnwood, with a tour of the museum and an illustrated presentation by geologist / pastor Patrick Nurre.  The talk will introduce the students to the basics of creation geology.  In it Patrick shows how a person’s worldview determines how the geologic record is interpreted.  This has a direct bearing on what we believe about the age of the earth and whether there was a worldwide flood.  He also explains how evolutionary science destroys faith in Scripture, but exposing evolutionary assumptions puts a whole new light on the interpretation of rocks and fossils.  The complete tour, including the classroom session is recommended for 5th grade and up; the museum tour can be for any age.  Offered year-around.

Add the UW’s Burke Museum to your GLC visit.  Why visit a museum that promotes evolution? The Burke Museum is the only one in the Pacific Northwest that features actual dinosaur and ice age fossil skeletons. But also students need to be familiar with the claims of evolution and how to answer them. This visit is especially recommended for high schoolers. A follow-up discussion will compare the two museums and answer any questions the students may have. 

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