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Creation Association of Puget Sound Tours 2018

Mount St. Helens: Saturday July 14 and Aug 11

Mt. St. Helens is the site of the largest landslide in recorded history. We will start off with a presentation at the Mt. St. Helens Creation Center; by the Director, Paul Taylor. He will lead a tour that includes the Weyerhaeuser Forest Learning Center, the Hummocks (a moderate 2.8 mile hike), and Johnston Ridge.  Participants will meet at the Creation Center in Castle Rock, Wa and then caravan in their own cars up to the mountain. The tour will be limited to 50 participants.


Dry Falls (Missoula Flood Scablands): July 21 and Aug 18

For many years geologists thought that the channeled scablands and dry falls of Eastern Washington were carved out by gradual processes over many thousands of years.  Now it has been established that they were caused by a massive flood event. Ron Payne will lead the field trips and show how the devastating Lake Missoula Flood quickly altered the landscape. Participants will caravan in their own cars (meet in Woodinville or Monroe and travel to Dry Falls east of Wenatchee on Hwy 2).  The trip is limited to 10 vehicles, so carpooling is encouraged.



A recommended non-refundable minimum donation of $10 per person is requested to cover the costs of each trip. Admission fee required for the visitor center at St. Helens Johnston Ridge ($8) and no fee at Dry Falls. Mike Oard’s Missoula Flood book and DVD will be available for sale at the CAPS book table and the Dry Falls field trip. 

Send in the separate required registration / waiver form to sign up. Trip details will be forwarded to those who register. Note that the field trips are all day events and that participants are responsible for their own transportation and food. Other dates for special groups may be arranged separately.

 Ron Payne at or call 425-820-2897.

Bruce Barton,
Mar 21, 2018, 3:22 PM