Montessori Philosophy

Maria Montessori left an unparalleled gift to the child of today as a result of her lifelong study of the child’s mind and it’s unique quality of absorbent learning. She reveals the child’s sensitivity to his/her environment from which the child absorbs perceptions and knowledge.

Jobs and Work are terms we use to help fulfill the goal that life's work can be enjoyable.

The classroom is often referred to as the “prepared environment" from which success, inner discipline and the security of strong self-image is gained. We believe that children learn in sensitive periods and we are known to adjust our schedule to maximize this important time for learning.

Founders 3 Generations

Monarch Montessori - Our History

Monarch Montessori Preschool was opened in the fall of 1981. "Mrs. Pat" was licensing the school with the State of California, completing her internship at Country Day Montessori, Placerville,  as well as working as branch attendant for the Plymouth Branch Library.

"Mr. Denny” was busy working for the Amador County School District in maintenance and driving bus. In his spare time he was building an inviting, accessible environment for the children.

"Ms. Denise", their daughter and Director, started her career in early childhood education by working at Monarch Montessori and then moving on to Sierra Community Christian School in Placerville. Once a student at Monarch Montessori, granddaughter "Miss Megan" stepped into teaching with her Montessori Credential in 2013.

The background experience and educational background of each family member has helped create the program and love that is evident in this family-operated business. Pat and Denny Shackleton are pleased to have Denise, Benard, and Megan Moreno carry on the tradition of loving and serving families and each 'little client' that attends Monarch Montessori Preschool and Kindergarten.

 "Teaching is not a job but a lifestyle for this family."