Montessori Environment

practical life

Practical Life: This room is full of practical life objects that are displayed in an inviting way. You will find pouring, scooping, washing and tweezing to name a few jobs. The goal of practical life's environment is Order, Concentration, Coordination, and Independence. It is also helpful in developing small motor and pre-handwriting skill.

Sensorial: This area is designed to teach the child to use their sense of touch, smell, feel and taste as a key to reality. Grading and geometric solids are added to this experience.

Reading: Montessori materials are used along with Zoo Phonics. Children work in this area in all developments of pre-reading/reading.

Handwriting:  Metal insets and other materials are used to strengthen a child’s use of the pencil grasp.

Math Room: Montessori manipulatives and seasonal items are used to make this room inviting. Children learn to pattern, rote, associate quantity with symbols, simple addition and subtraction, and much more as they are ready.

Reading, Language & Handwriting: Zoo Phonics is a successful reading and writing program. It provides multiple styles of learning and complements Montessori in an enjoyable way.

Art, Science, Outside Play are blended into our schedule.

Experienced Staff meet and exceed the State of California Community Care Licensing requirements,

State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing, DOJ & FBI clearances.