About Us


Seamus Monaghan & Co, Solicitors is an innovative and progressive law firms. We are consistently recognised as being the market leader in many practice areas and our pre-eminence is endorsed by clients and colleagues alike. Our reputation is founded chiefly on two factors - the quality of the service we provide and our ability to attract, develop and retain our clients.

Our principal office is located in Sligo beside the Courthouse and we have agency offices at 24-26 Upper Ormond Quay, Dublin 7. 

We provide a full range of services, primarily to industrial, service and financial companies. Our clients include international organisations, major domestic concerns and emerging Irish companies. We also have many clients employed in the State and semi-State sector.  We provide legal services on an all-Ireland basis.

Our Services

The firm has a commitment to providing the highest quality legal services. To meet this objective we depend more than anything else on the quality of our service.  We take recruitment, and the training and professional development  very seriously. We are recognised for our strong character, combined with natural ability, real enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute to a team endeavour - as well as having excellent legal knowledge and skills. We are open to exploring new ways of doing things and new ways of looking at things. We believe in combining the fullest possible legal knowledge in a solution-orientated and creative approach accompanied by practical analysis and good sense.

We see training and learning as an integral part of everyone's job and attach great significance to learning so as to enhance our ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. We have a comprehensive training programme as well as significant support in the areas of research and knowhow development. In this context we have invested considerable resources in precedent development thereby ensuring that documents produced by the firm are of the highest standard and clarity.

We believe in close working relationships thereby ensuring effective work management as well as necessary supervision.

In addition to delivering legal services of the highest quality, we believe in building long term relationships with clients and seek to do this in a number of ways, for example:
  • appointing a contact partner who has overall responsibility for the client's relationship with the firm

  • adding value through provision of newsletters, briefings and client seminars

  • conducting inhouse training and guidance for clients

  • investing time in learning about clients' businesses so that we can better understand the issues that are relevant to them and be proactive in dealing with these

  • arranging formal client feedback either by way of an annual review or on a transaction by transaction basis depending on the nature of the work involved.

The role of the contact partner includes:

  • acting as a central liaison point in the context of the work being undertaken

  • ensuring that that work is assigned to the appropriate person within the firm

  • maintaining an overview of the firm's relationship with the client

  • performing an overall management and quality assurance role in relation to the work being carried out

  • periodically reviewing, with the client, the work and the relationship with it and addressing any issues which might arise or give cause for concern.

Our culture is based on a bedrock of core values including collegiality, collaboration and teamwork, mutual support and mutual respect, and we have worked hard to retain these values as the firm has grown.

We aim for high standards and continuous improvement. We believe that people respond well to the challenges and responsibilities associated with work of high importance, unravelling problems and working according to the timetables that our clients have to deal with. We believe not only in choosing the best people but also on providing an excellent working environment.

We are particularly conscious of the mutual interdependence of people and the contribution of each individual in the collective effort. Recognising how important it is for all of us, at all levels, to get to know each other, work effectively as teams and share knowledge and information we operate an "open door" policy. Our working atmosphere is relaxed but always focused on delivering to the highest standard.

Our active social committee supports our focus on collegiality and sociability organising many and diverse social functions for all members of the firm throughout the year. Being situated in the heart of Sligo gives us the opportunity to become involved in local community initiatives supported by the firm in association with the Council, HSE and other organisations.


Technology has impacted considerably in recent years on how lawyers work. We continue to invest significantly in technology to ensure that we are working as efficiently and effectively as possible and to keep us at the cutting edge. We are continually evaluating the technologies we are using with a view to improving our technological capabilities which in turn allows us to provide a better service to our clients. These include:

  • matter management - our practice management system allows us to accurately record all of our time we spend on a matter on behalf of a client, to record the details of the lawyers who have worked on it and any associated expenses

  • document management - our document management system record details of documents generated in the context of any particular matter, allowing them (subject to applicable security profiles) to be easily retrieved. The document management system includes version control and supports document comparison

  • legal information research - our lawyers can access from the desktop, through our intranet and the internet, a comprehensive range of internal and external legal sources including the firm's extensive databanks and precedent banks which have been built from prior knowledge and experience over many years and which are continuously reviewed and updated

  • video conferencing - our video conferencing facilities allow enhanced communication between our different offices and between ourselves and our clients

  • workflow - we are developing workflow tools to automate routine business processes and procedures thereby minimising duplication of effort and the risk of error in our back office procedures.


At Seamus Monaghan & Co, the first thing we do is take the time to listen to our clients. We make sure we are clear about their objectives. And then we respond quickly, flexibly and creatively - with the right solutions.  This approach underpins our unique Client Promises – commitments we make to all our clients that are at the heart of what we do and how we do it.  

We consulted widely on what our Client Promises should be, and we provide training, support and guidance to our people at every level to ensure we stick to them, for clients and also for each other.  Our Client Promises represent the values of our firm and our business. We ask our clients for feedback on how well we are living up to them. Then, if necessary, we make changes to ensure we continue to focus on the things you value most.

To the very best of our ability, we promise:

1. To understand you

This means that we will:

  • ·                     Invest in understanding you
  • ·                     Study your business
  • ·                     Keep our whole team up-to-date
  • ·                     Take an active interest in your business
  • ·                     Make your problems our problems
  • ·                     Bring you constructive, relevant ideas

2. To provide solutions that contribute to your success

This means that we will:

  • ·                     Use this understanding to get you where you need to be
  • ·                     Make sure that you know what you need to know to succeed
  • ·                     Support your in-house team
  • ·                     Ensure that you benefit from all our firm’s experience, talent and contacts
  • ·                     Deliver on time, working to your timetable
  • ·                     Make sure whatever we do adds value

3. To give you fair pricing and clarity on costs

This means that we will:

  • ·                     Assign people of the right experience and level
  • ·                     Offer you alternative pricing structures
  • ·                     Estimate costs in advance and give you regular, timely updates
  • ·                     Make sure you always know what you are paying for
  • ·                     Bill you promptly with the information you need on the invoice

4. To give you the right team

This means that we will:

  • ·                     Bring together the best mix of skills and experience, legal and non-legal, to meet your needs
  • ·                     Structure our team to fit the way you work, your team and your culture
  • ·                     Respect and adapt to your internal reporting and management structures

5. To communicate clearly

This means that we will:

  • ·                     Listen first and understand the issues
  • ·                     Make sure we answer the questions
  • ·                     Explain things as clearly as possible
  • ·                     Warn you of unexpected problems
  • ·                     Help you to communicate with others

6. To care about our relationship with you

This means that we will:

  • ·                     Ask you how well we are meeting your needs and what we can do to improve our service 
  • ·                     Listen – and respond quickly
  • ·                     Do all we can to give you what you need with good humour and with as little stress as possible
  • ·                     Remember – that we are all human