Tenured associate professor of Comparative literature, Women’s Studies and Cultural Studies at Salem State University.  Born in London, Fayad moved to the USA to obtain her Ph.D at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign.  Subsequently, she taught at various American universities:  UCLA, Colorado College, Oregon State University and Salem State University where she was tenured. She has since left academia and taken up commercial writing. She now lives in London.

Fayad’s original area of research focused on Modern British literature, notably Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter. She has taught post-graduate level courses on the Modern British Novel and Postmodern Experimental Fiction. Her interest in Critical Theory took her in a different direction and she consequently taught courses on Africanist Discourse, Post-Colonial theory, and, on the post-graduate level, Reflections of Colonialism in Literature and Film as well as women’s studies courses such as Women in Literature and Film and Gender, Nation, Identity.

Her essay The Arab Woman and I, a critique of cultural stereotypes in the media is used in university courses and is included in Paula S. Rothenberg's anthology Race, Class, And Gender in the United States, a widely used textbook now in its seventh edition.

She has given numerous papers at conferences such as the Modern Language Association, Popular Culture Association, North American Women's Studies Association, Middle East Studies Association and American Comparative Literature Association as well as specialized conferences such as: Psychoanalysis and Post-colonialism Conference; Feminism and Representation Conference; Conference on New Critical Theory and the Fantastic; Conference on Semiotics and Critical Theory; Woman, Image, Text Conference;

Bilingual in English and Arabic, Fayad devoted much of her career to feminist re-readings of Arab Women writers.

Fayad also taught creative writing. She contributed poems to The Poetry of Arab Women: A Contemporary Anthology and has given readings from her creative writing at a number of universities including Harvard, MIT and Brown University.

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