s a star from the golden age to the present. Mona started dancing professionally at the age of 13. when her talent discovered early. Her passion for dancing meant she had to flee Egypt to Lebanon in 1970 to escape from the anger of her conservative Bedouin father. She became a famous belly dancer and she became the main show for some of the most elegant night clubs in Beirut including Farid el Atresh’s night club. Upon returning to Cairo in 1975, she was a star and became the feature performance for many of the top hotels and night clubs such as Cairo Meridian and Sheraton El Jazierra. Mona was not influenced by anyone and did not take her style from other dancers. She has her own unique style; Mona El Said thinks it is more important to dance with feeling then counting out steps. She focuses on feeling and emotion, new, innovative movement and creates magic on the stage with her energy. Tahiya Carioca nicknamed her the "Princess of Raks Sharki", the Egyptian magazines and newspapers nicknamed her “Sa’mraa El Nile” which means “The Bronze of the Nile”. Mona El Said performances are always accompanied by a large orchestra, as all great Egyptian dancers. Mona believes that it must be a mutual understanding between dancer and musicians. She hired the most sophisticated musicians at that time for her band. Mona El Said made a point of never accelerating in momentum unless the music absolutely called for it.  Her choreographies were precise, full of emotion, and never failed to correspond perfectly with the music.  She used clean, linear movements, embodying a sense of order and method, in direct contrast to the bedlam that surrounded her. Mona is a good example of an Egyptian dancer that is comfortable with herself as a dancer and who radiates joy and passion during a performance. Mona mostly performed between London and Cairo. Her distinct style made her one of the belly dance stars of the twentieth century. Her unique style, grace and elegance inspired dancers throughout the globe and impacted the world of belly dance in an enormous way. She is none other than, MONA EL SAID. Mona El Said starred in a number of Egyptian films, as well as in seven films as a main star. She won the admiration of her audiences in Egypt and abroad. Most Egyptian consider Mona El Said to be one of the legends of oriental dance. When people think of glamour, elegancy and fashion of famous belly dancers, Mona El Said is one of the first to come to mind. Mona toured the world performing and teaching workshops. She gave many workshops in the US and UK as well as in other countries and trained many other dance stars.


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