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MOMS Club® of Fallston is part of the International MOMS Club® a non-profit organization specifically for mothers. International MOMS Club® is the only international support group specifically for stay at home mothers and has over 2,000+ chapters in the US alone and over 100,000 members. The Fallston Chapter was established in 2005. International MOMS Club® believes that staying at home to raise our children, whether part-time or full-time is one of the most important and fulfilling jobs we will ever have. We are here to support you and your children as they grow whether you are a stay at home, full-time or part-time mom. We are a flexible group that tries to work with all of our MOMS busy schedules.


We host monthly Play Groups, Book Club, Mom's Night Out, Whole Group Daytime Activities, and Monthly Meetings. We also participate in local charity events to help families in the Harford County community. All of our activities are held during the day with the exception of Book Club and Mom’s Night Out. Children are welcome to all activities except Book Club and Mom’s Night Out.


Once a member, you can attend as many or as few activities that are of interest to you, or as your schedule allows. Monthly meetings will be held to discuss and vote on club activities. We welcome all of our club members to these meetings. We believe each club member should have a voice in our club. We will also allow access to our closed Facebook group, online calendar and group email list.


Dues are $25 dollars a year.
Which goes towards our charity projects, chapter expenses, parties and supplies.

If for any reason these dues may cause a financial hardship for you, then please discuss a waiver with one of the club officers. 


The Fallston chapter is open to all Fallston, Jarrettsville and Baldwin Harford County residents. If you are interested in joining the Fallston MOMS Club® or would like more information, please contact the Membership Vice President at

You may attend two of our events before you decide to become a member.

If you live outside of these areas, please contact the International MOMS Club® at to find or begin a Chapter in your area. You can also visit the International MOMS Club® website at


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