The MOMS Club® of Eau Claire Area is a chapter of International MOMS Club®. The MOMS Club is an international nonprofit group that provides support for mothers who stay at home to raise children in the Eau Claire Area. We are nondenominational and nonpolitical.  We are a support group designed just for the at-home mom. Whether you are a stay-at home mom, work part-time, or have a home-based business, MOMS Club offers you the opportunity to get out and socialize with other at-home moms in the Eau Claire Area 


The goal of MOMS Club is to provide enriching activities for you and your child. These events and activities give moms a chance to engage in adult conversation, as well as to find and lend support in the wonderful (yet sometimes difficult) job of raising a child! 

With the exception of MOMS Night Out (MNO), our activities meet during the day, when we moms need the support the most. And as always, children are welcome at all activities!

We work with these principles in mind:
  • Women should be free to choose their own personal path to fulfillment
  • Raising children is an important full-time job!
  • A family's decision for a mother to stay at home and raise children often involves a considerable financial sacrifice
  • There is no right way to raise a child, but our members have a common concern in raising our children in a healthly way

Questions? Interested in joining?
Please contact our Membership Vice-President:  

Rebecca Pick

Other ways MOMS Club of Eau Claire Area helps:

HELPING HANDS is a service provided by MOMS Club members for fellow members in need.  (Birth of a new baby, illness, family emergency, or other life changing events)  If you or someone you know in MOMS Club® is in need of help or you would like to be a volunteer for this service, please contact any of the board members listed in the directory.

Some of our MOMS Club of Eau Claire Area service projects:

Reverse Trick-or-Treating
Adopt a Soldier 
Salvation Army's Adopt a Family
NICU Care Package
Multi-generational activities at local assisted living center
Chemotherapy Care Packages
and many others!