Welcome to the website for the MOMS® Club of Cockeysville/Phoenix, MD!

Interested in meeting new moms? Having playgroups for kids of similar ages? Participating in local service projects? Attending fun outings?

Our network of moms is here to offer support and understanding to each other through the joys and tasks of motherhood. Our club offers a wonderful opportunity to create lifetime friendships for moms and children alike.

If interested in finding out more information, please email: cockeysvillemomsclub@gmail.com

Our dues are $30 to join and $25 to renew your membership each year. This will pay for our chapter registration fee to International MOMS Club and various supplies.  If for any reason these dues may cause a financial hardship for you, then please discuss a waiver with one of the chapter officers.  

To Join:
If you are interested in joining the MOMS Club of Cockeysville/Phoenix, MD or would like more information, please contact the membership coordinator at our email address: cockeysvillemomsclub@gmail.com. You may attend two of our meet and greets before you decide to become a member. 

Chapter Boundaries:
Cockeysville 21030, Hunt Valley 21031, Phoenix 21131, Fork 21051, Hydes 21082, Baldwin addresses within Baltimore County, Lutherville/Timonium 21093, 21057, and 21094. 
**If you are not within our area, please contact support@momsclub.org to find a chapter in your area.**

Our Activities:
Our activities take place during the day and children are always welcome. When you become a member, you may attend as many activities as you like. We have a meet and greet once a month to discuss and vote on club issues as well as to welcome new members. We also plan a weeknight mom's night out once a month. This is a great way to de-stress and make new friends. 

We hope to see you at our next event!
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