The MOMS Club® of Cumberland Hill and Woonsocket, RI FAQ

Contact the MOMS Club of Cumberland Hill Woonsocket:

How much does the MOMS Club cost?

Our annual Membership Dues are $25.  We are a non-profit organization, so any money collected for the MOMS Club is used exclusively for our programs and service projects.  You are invited to attend two business meetings before you decide to join.  Established playgroups held in member homes are open to paid members only. 

What about Club activities? 

A calendar of events is published in our newsletter, which comes out at the beginning of each month.  Events on the calendar are open to all club members, and are held at locations in and around Cumberland and Woonsocket, RI.  Events may include, but are not limited to:  parks, playgrounds, zoos, crafts, and tours of local businesses of interest to parents and children.  It also includes our monthly meeting, held at a local community building, and one Mom's Night Out.  All events on the calendar are open to parents and children and are held on weekdays.  Although children rarely accompany mothers to MOMS Night Out, it is not uncommon for a mom or two to have an infant along.  We also occasionally hold "family" events on a weekend day.  Ideas for events are always encouraged and welcomed!  Playgroups contribute ideas and plan events, as well as board members.  The Activities Coordinator gathers all ideas and coordinates the Calendar of Events. 

What about Service Projects? 

The MOMS Club of Cumberland Hill and Woonsocket participates in a variety of different types of service projects. The MOMS Club of Cumberland Hill and Woonsocket, RI also participates in at least one service project a year. Here are some of our past and present service projects:

  • Adopt-A-Family
  • Box tops for local schools
  • School Supply Drive 
  • Donations to Lime Rock Food Pantry
  • Donations to the Woonsocket Shelter

How can I join a Playgroup? 

Once you have joined the club, you can join a playgroup by contacting our Playgroup Coordinator.  The playgroups are formed with children of similar ages.  When possible, children will also be matched with others from their hometown.  Playgroups are not only a great way to meet other moms in the club on a more intimate setting, but also are used as a forum to create new event ideas for the Calendar of Events.  Groups are ready and willing to welcome new members, and new groups can also be established.  Please remember that playgroups are only open to club members.

How can I contribute to the newsletter?

All ideas and suggestions for the newsletter are welcomed and appreciated!  Give us ideas for the calendar.  Share any articles, websites, recommendations, with other moms!  This is your chance to help get the word out to other moms about events that you have enjoyed, or helpful hints to make the days more pleasurable.  Contributing editors get their own byline!  Pictures from events can also be included with articles.  Submit your ideas by emailing or calling our newsletter coordinator.  Entries should be submitted 2 weeks before the end of the month before the newsletter is to be issued, to be included in the newsletter.  The newsletter is published around the first of the month of issue.

What are Meals for Moms?

The Meals for Moms program provides moms with meals or other support that they may need in times of great stress.  While moms are trying to recover from the birth of a new baby, and integrate their newest addition into their family, they can find some relief when they don't have to worry about dinner. This is also a program for moms who might be going through a trying time and may need a little support, for example, a death in the family or a recent surgery. This is great way to offer support for other moms! You do not need to personally know the person you are cooking for. Helping other moms is an important part of the MOMS Club!

Does the MOMS Club have a health policy? 

Yes, the MOMS Club of Cumberland Hill and Woonsocket policy states that all Moms 

need to be sure their child or children are well when attending a MOMS Club function. 

Please do not bring your child to any MOMS Club function if they have had: 

A fever of 100.4 or higher within the last 24 hrs.

Vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hrs.

Exhibited any symptoms of any childhood communicable disease

  • A common cold with discolored mucus
  • A sore throat
  • Croup
  • An undiagnosed rash or skin infection
  • Suspected mononucleosis
  • Pinkeye or other contagious eye infection
  • An inoculation or vaccination of a live virus within 48 hrs  (MMR. Chicken Pox, Small pox, poliovirus vaccine)

Please adhere to the policy, and keep our children well!

What about Board Meetings?

Board Meetings are held monthly.  (Day to be determined.)  Board members include the chapter President, Administrative Vice President, Membership Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Elections for board positions are held in June.  The board members attend these monthly meetings to organize club events and discuss club issues.  They plan the agenda for the business meeting.   Only board members need to attend board meetings.