Moms Offering Moms Support

The heart and soul of our club is our many activities. The term "stay-at-home mom" becomes a misnomer with everything we have going on each week:

PLAYGROUPS: You get to join a playgroup in which your child can interact with children his/her own age, and you can spend time with other moms.

PARK DAYS: We frequently meet at a variety of parks in the Brentwood area. Please contact us for specific times & locations.

COFFEE MEET-UPS: Start your morning by meeting some new friends or catching up with old ones. If the kids are not in school, please feel free to bring them.

FIELD TRIPS: Explore some of the well-known and lesser-known Brentwood and San Francisco Bay Area treasures for children. Costs are usually free or low-cost.

MOMS NIGHT OUT/FAMILY OUTINGS: Take a well-needed break from Mommy-hood and get out with the gals! Or book a sitter, and get to know some couples in your area. Activities range from dinner & a movie to fun philanthropic endeavors.

SUB CLUBS: These are special interest clubs that include book club & crafts. If there's not a sub club that suits your interest, start your own! We welcome and encourage all members to take an active role in creating our club's monthly calendar.

MEALS for MOMS: Members offer meal service for new moms with newborns. Participation is voluntary depending on your availability to cook.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Our group has a strong emphasis in philanthropy to help build a strong community. We are involved with organizations that benefit mothers and children such as the Mother-to-Mother Fund, Contra Costa County Foster Family Network, Shepherd's Gate & Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano.

If you have an idea for an activity, please suggest it and we'll put it on the calendar