The heart and soul of our club is our many activities. The term "stay-at-home mom" becomes a misnomer with everything we have going on each week:

PLAYGROUPS: You get to join a playgroup in which your child can interact with children his/her own age, and you can spend time with other moms.

PARK DAYS: We frequently meet at a variety of parks in the Brentwood area.  Please contact us for specific times & locations.

COFFEES MEET-UPs: Start your morning by meeting some new friends or catching up with old ones. If the kids are not in school, please feel free to bring them.

FIELD TRIPS : Explore some of the well-known and lesser-known Brentwood and San Francisco Bay Area treasures for children. Costs are usually free or low-cost. 

MOMS NIGHT OUT/FAMILY OUTINGS: Take a well-needed break from Mommyhood and get out with the gals! Or book a sitter, and get to know some couples in your area. Activities range from dinner & a movie to fun philanthropic endeavors.

SUB CLUBS: These are special interest clubs that include cooking, gardening book club, and more. If there's not a sub club that suits your interest, start your own! We welcome and encourage all members to take an active role in creating our club's monthly calendar.  

MEALS for MOMS: Members offer meal service for new moms with newborns.  Participation is voluntary depending on your availability to cook. 

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Our group has a strong emphasis for community building.  We are involved in projects such as the backpack drive, Shepherd's Gate, adopt-a-family, as well as activities for children like nursing home visits. 

If you have an idea for an activity, please suggest it and we'll put it on the calendar 

Our calendar of events is very active and kept private for safety reasons.  Interested in learning more? Please contact us.