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Christmas 2007

The Once-an-Office-Now-a-TV Room

When we bought furniture for the LR, I had to relocate the couch.  This was the only room available, so the "office" is now the TV Room...or TV-Room-In-Progress, that is.


This room is 14ft x 7ft 4 in, so it's a huge challenge to make it functional!  The couch only fits one direction.

The TV will be mounted on the wall (shelf  left over from office will come down)  The shutteres hide the computer tower DH connects to the TV.  The outlets in this room are high, which is strange.  I think that is because it used to be a porch.

The ottoman doesn't really fit, but it also doesn't match the new furniture.  I couldn't bear to part with it because it's so functional.  So, I'm squeezing it in. 


TO DO: Run a cord cover over cords and paint to match.


This piece was also relocated from the LR.