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When we complete renovations, the MB will be relocated to the back of the house, in what is now the attic, allowing us to have windows on one side.  That's why I've done NOTHING to the room....I've vowed not to touch it since three walls are coming down! :)  Here are a few design thoughts...

DH wants carpet, but it would make the room the only carpeted one in the house.  So, I'd like to keep the hardwood flow going and just get him a huge soft area rug or Flor tiles.

The Untouched Master Suite

We have done nothing to this space, except painting, which is pretty sad.  It   The masterbathroom hasn't been painted yet.  All I have done so far is put an organizing unit in the w/i closet.  You can't really decorate when you don't have furniture! haha! 

 The two orange chairs came from Goodwill.  I'm in the process of making white slipcovers for them.  The cabinet was a second-hand store find. Someday, I'll be lucky enough to have real furniture!  

Wall color: SW's bungalow beige.


I didn't know what else to do with my flowers, so I finally broke down and put them in a shadow box, along with our vowels, printed on velum.  I can't seem to find my bouquet wrap, so for now, they are bare.  I had to cut the stems to get them to fit.
on the bed this summer....I switch between this one and a white one.  One goes on the bed and the other is folded on the depends on my mood each AM


Closet organizers I added to the walk in closet.

The Master Bathroom on Closing Day: The plan is to push out the wall on the right side of the shower (adjoining master) a couple of feet.  A tub would replace the shower, and that would give the room more's TIGHT right now.  That wall also connects to the closet, so it would grow as well.

We hung a new light in this steps....