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Update: Our First Furniture Purchase

Still on the list: console/coffee/end tables, curtain, accents/accessories



I give DH credit for picking the furniture.  It's not at all what we had planned or discussed, but he fell for it.  I agreed that I liked it, and the price at the store-closing sale was it is.  Eventually, in our next home, it will be in the LR and we'll get a less formal set for the family room.  In person, the fabric has a sheen.  The couch is Candice Olsen's Ollie.


The LR is just sitting around waiting to be decorated.  I borrowed the DR rug and some old curtains from the linen closet while we're in the holding phase.  I will pick tables, rugs, etc. once we do the reno, because it will very much change the traffic flow and size of this room. 



Latest project: Hanging mirrors.  I am thinking about painting them all the same color.  Thoughts?  On the hearth, you can see the cut outs I used to help with placement.  Thank goodness for laser levels!  Now, I can't decide what to do with the mantle.



In a year or so, we will begin our major renovations.  It will result in the creation of an open living room and family room concept (utilizing what is now the master bedroom)  These are my current design plans...


Four of the chairs would be placed around the coffee table.  I haven't yet found a rug to catch my eye.  This room will be in the space seen below( Fireplace area).


This room will be in the area that is now the master bedroom and office. It will have built in shelving/cabinetry/media as well as a pass through FP to the reading room. Still rug hunting...something thick, I think.


This room will be located adjacent to the FR, divided by the fireplace.  It will be at the back of the house, so one wall will be full length windows and  double french doors, opening onto a patio.  Built in shelves will flank the FP.  Still rug hunting....



Here's what's blooming in the LR...

When it started getting into the 80's, I decided to lighten up the LR.  Besides, I love having fresh flowers from the cutting garden to put around the house!

Early Living Room Thoughts


I made some new curtains this weekend!!  :)  I plan to use them half of the year and solid white ones the other half. 

This is a terrible picture for true colors....oh well.


some Spring/Summer Mantle "stuff"


So far, I've only painted the walls and trim.  We are waiting a couple of years before we get furniture for this room.  However, I can't wait! (goodbye, yellow couch!) 

This picture cracks me up b/c it is so "real us."  My husband is always pushing the ottoman out like this, and I am always pushing it back in toward the couch!  We found this old cabinet at a second hand store.  The tv is in the top half, and the computer is in the bottom half (my husband has them connected for man-reasons).


This is my letter-writing/paper-grading station to the right of the TV (note the crazy cords...took this the day he was hooking up the TV).  This wall runs the entire length of the room, like a giant blue expanse, and I just can't decide what I want to do with it.  The only thing breaking it up right now is the arrangement of items sitting on top of the tv hutch.  I've yet to really pot the's just sitting in the empty sad.

 I love keeping fresh flowers around the house!  You can stretch one 4 dollar clutch a loooong way! (Look for clearance flowers at Walmart or the grocery store.)  Usually, they will last 2-3 weeks, depending on the type of flower.  Having them around really helps me cope with the state of the house.  I can't wait until Spring when I can have a cutting garden and grow my own!

Simple Winter Mantle decor....I love the blue pinecones!