Guest Room (bed 2)


Living Room

Dining Room



Guest Room (bed 2)

DSD/Guest Room (bed 3)

Master Bed/bath

Main Bath

Common Area



Christmas 2007

The Slowly Changing Guest Room

Still need to: make window seat cushion, fix curtains, replace curtain over small window, hang matchstick blinds to replace white "wood" blinds, paint walls (color of common area)/ceiling/trim, do something about wall art....ugh.

Behind the curtains is a large built-in bookcase, filled with my husband's books for work.  Below the ledge/window seat is more storage.  I made curtains for this area, too.

You can somewhat see the lower curtain panels here.


This is an area for sitting, but it's in BIG need of a makeover.


This room is mainly filled with pictures of our family.  The artwork behind the stand was done by my sister.