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Living Room

Dining Room



Guest Room (bed 2)

DSD/Guest Room (bed 3)

Master Bed/bath

Main Bath

Common Area



Christmas 2007

 We purchased our first home-- a 1940's cottage-- in May of 2007.  We are slowly working toward making the necessary repairs and improvements, while maintaining a very strict budget.  For now, we must wait for buying any "real" furniture, etc....so, this is an attempt to "make something out of nothing." 


Our Mess

TO DO in Spring of 2008: Replace with lawn (done) .  Edge and plant landscaping (started), build and fill window boxes, add shutters, remove magnolia trees  (done) and replace with smaller, flowering trees (started)


BEFORE -ISH (above) 

Lawn Project

We are replacing the front lawn.  A large portion was mulch when we moved in.  We'll be exchanging the magnolias for a weeping willow and a flowering tree (undecided).  The strip along the road will be lined with dogwoods and plants.

I'm still begging for a fence.  Something like this....




August: I am mulching a bed along either side of the drive, and DH is planting ornamental trees.  Pics to come....  Next, we will be digging up the drive and putting down pea gravel.

Ordered for Planting in Spring of 2008

My big purchase is the following shade garden for the left half of the front of the house.

It includes all of the plants shown (and below), with the exception of the trees.

In the Fall, I hope to plant some additional bulbs to supplement the rosy bells, gladiolas, iris, crucus, and lily of the valley I planted last Fall.  I can't wait to add daffodils and tuplips, two of my favorites!

Along the right front, I'll plant similar plants, but I'll but them separately, as the collection will be too big for that space.  I'll be adding irish moss in the area where we laid brick stepping stones, and will edge that area with border lilies.  The front walk will be edged with border lilies, as well.

We will be removing the magnolias and replacing them with smaller trees to better suit the size of the house.  We will keep the Japanese Maple and add a willow tree, most likely.


 Latest Project....The Ugly Chairs...

I still need to paint the table white.  Aren't they ugly??? There are 3 cows and 1 pig...I don't know why.  They were even worse when yellow with mutlicolored crayola-ish covers.