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Guest Room (bed 2)

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In the Garden

Our Wedding


Christmas 2007

Baby Shower Gift

Baby Bag: flap to prevent spills, expandable sides, inner pockets for diapers, bottles, etc and clips for binkies and keys. 


Matching changing pad and diaper/wipe holder


Summer Wedding Shower Gift: Picnic for 4

This is an easy shower gift for mid/end of summer weddings when all of the outdoor dishes are on sale.  I picked up a picnic basket (came with untensil basket) and an outdoor table cloth at TJmaxx.  Then, I picked up utensils, cups, plates, bowls, and a cute towel at Target, all on clearance for less than $1.50 for a set of 4.  Total Projecct: Just under $30. 
Table Makeover
This table was slathered in white paint (like the chairs pictured) when we picked it up at a flea market.  I spent months stripping and sanding the paint.  Then, I finished it in Polyshades antique walnut.  Some touches of paint and imprefections were left to give it an aged look.
Almost Before
Lingerie Chest Makeover
During-- still needs knobs
White spray paint and a satin-finish clear coat (spray)
Landscaping: Growing a Front Yard
Before--Most of the yard was mulch.  There were only a couple of scattered plants. Leaves from the two large magnolia tres littered everything!
Somehow, this is my only photo.  But, it was a mulched, plantless yard with a broken and heaved concrete walk.
back yard before
rearexterior.jpg picture by mommysurprise
This was taken before the two magnolias were removed.  At the time, we'd recovered a large portion of the yard by raking up mulch and throwing down seed.  However, the entire yard was later dug up so we could put down uniform sod. 
Magnolias removed....patches of grass coming up
willow tree planted
before the sod went down
adding a rasied side bed
sod is down and is trying to survive the drought
Still to do:
  1. extend brick walk to small section by street
  2. add brick areas for trashcans and by drive
  3. plant dogwoods in strip along street (3 or 4)
  4. add tree to right side of yard
  5. plant flowers on either side of new brick walk section by road
  6. fence
  7. beef up shrubs and plants around house
  8. shutters
  9. window boxes
  10. dream project: new siding
Sewing Project for Work: Civil War Dress

I made this costume for our Civil War Day at school.  I teach 4th grade.


Problem area fix: shelf curtains (and matching drapes)

Upper and lower bookshelf covers to hide our books and extra dishes...the curtains were made to match (bottom covers aren't pictured here)


Inexpensive Window Coverings: Quilt Drapes

These curtains were made from a king sized quilt. 30 dollars dressed this window with heavy drapes.  I split the quilt down the middle, so I only had to sew the two raw edges.


 Winter Blues Buster: Indoor Herb Garden

I decided it was time for a little life in the kitchen, so I planted a mini herb garden indoors.  I have a full herb garden outside, but this is great for the winter.  I keep it in a sunny spot on the kitchen counter.