Dining Room


Living Room

Dining Room



Guest Room (bed 2)

DSD/Guest Room (bed 3)

Master Bed/bath

Main Bath

Common Area



Christmas 2007

Reno Plans

The wall adjacent to the kitchen will bump out when we complete the renovoations, elongating the room.  At some point, the wide windows will become french doors when we add a front porch.

The bench would be along one side of the table, and chairs would be on all other sides.  Still rug and light hunting...

Early Dining Room Thoughts

It's a mess....but, I'm trying to accept that it will continue to be a mess for quite some time.  So far, I've only managed to paint the walls and trim, put up a new fixture, hang curtains, and refinish the flea market table that was caked with paint.



These are quite dark...



I'm dreaming of a real rug and dining set.  But, oh! The expense! (Update:  We found the table we want.!!!...see pic of a similar table below...)


The DR might be a disaster, but I do love all the windows!



We found a table very similar to this (RH) one while shopping in the Amish Country over Christmas break.  However, it's ubber-pricey....so we're looking for a well-built replica.  The one we saw was slightly different and a darker color.  They had gorgeous apple green chairs with it.  We were both smitten...