Christmas 2008
More Christmas Decor Pictures Coming Soon.... I'm behind.


These pictures are of a table I "adopted" for our Church's holiday party.  Directions for the centerpiece are in my blog.
All of the centerpiece supplies came from our backyard.
It's a pear tree and a partridge...

The House...

Since our deocrations didn't go up until less than a week before we were to leave town for Christmas, I did very little decorating.
My grandma made me this Christmas quilt when I was young.
The small tree holds our growing collection of sentimental ornaments.

This year, I chose to make our Christmas cards.  We sent a Christmas 'Top 12" as well, which is not pictured. These are a few (all were slightly different).  The mess is the remains of the 13 guests we had over for Thanksgiving.  Eek!  I'm stuffing them in green envelopes. 

Message stamped inside of card


A small tree in the dining room holds the few sentimental ornaments we've collected over the past couple years.