Loving Babies Naturally

Momma's Natural Instincts encourages mothers to listen  to and understand what their bodies were designed to do in the role of feeding and caring for their children. I have always had a passion for working with women and children. During my pregnancy I discovered the need for education about natural child-birth and parenting. 

About Me 
I am a holistically trained registered nurse, a certified lactation educator and placenta encapsulation specialist. I delivered my daughter in a water birth at a local birth center and chose to breastfeed her into toddlerhood. I also use cloth diapers, make my own baby food, and chose homeopathic remedies over pharmaceuticals. Education helps mothers make decisions like breastfeeding their babies that much easier. 

Breastfeeding is such a wonderful gift for your baby and you. It is the healthiest form of nutrients for your baby and enhances your relationship. Placenta encapsulation offers many benefits to mothers after child bir
th. It is a natural source of iron, prevents fatigue, prevents postpartum depression and much more. I am pleased to offer this to mothers in the Southern California area. 

I would love to help you build a natural and strong bond with your baby.
- Missy Garcia, RN PHN CLEC PES -
                My Natural Choices
Natural water birth with midwives
Extended Breastfeeding
Use of cloth diapers
Homemade baby food

My Degrees & Certifications:
Registered nurse
Public health nurse
Certified lactation educator                                                  Graduated from Humboldt State - holistic nursing program 
PBi-Placenta encapsulation specialist