Welcome to the Children's Gallery of Black History! 

The Gallery is currently on break for the summer. However, we will start up again in the fall so check back in!

If you are looking to schedule a Gallery event during the summer that cannot be put off to the fall, please feel free to contact Ayize Sabater at (202) 545-1919.

Want to schedule a Mobile visit to your school or after-school program? You're on the right page! 

MOMIE's TLC offers two types of Mobile visits, Regular Mobile visits and In-class visits.

Regular Mobile Gallery visits

Our regular Mobile Gallery features five exhibits from the 2012 Stand Alone Gallery at All Souls Church. 

These exhibits are brought to a site, and youth are given the chance to learn about various Great People through interactive activities linked to each exhibit. 

Youth will be given a fifteen minute historical orientation to all of the exhibits on display, and then have an hour of self-directed, active learning

This learning involves music, dress-up, art, writing, reading, and exploration of various historic topics through play. 

In-class visits

Our in-class exhibits, piloted last year, translates our Gallery exhibits to classroom lessons that can be adjusted for different learning needs.

In-class visits are focused on a single Great Person at a time, and take place during the school day. These visits feature more in-depth learning about one person at a time, with a curriculum that meets various DCPS standards while remaining highly interactive. 

In-class visits are led by our team, and feature storytelling about the Great Person that is adapted to various grade levels as well as supplemental activities that reinforce this historic lesson through art activities, music, theater, active play, or science.