Pretend Business

This whole website can be made a private site where only you and people you specify can access it.  You can also specify whether people viewing it can only View the information or if they can Edit it as well.  I would use this as an internal site for my employees where we could all track a project, brainstorm project descriptions, schedule meetings, etc.

Google Sites isn't perfect, but it's free and easy to use!

This is the main page where you can throw fancy information, like a Calendar for updates that you can set up for just yourself or for your employees to see:


 This Calendar can actually be linked to your Blackberry (not sure about iPhone).  The process is a little complicated, but you can get it to a point where you can schedule stuff in Google Calendar on your PC and then your Blackberry (and any employee's Blackberries) will go off reminding you of meetings and such.
You could also keep up to date with an RSS reader.  I set this one up to read feeds off 4 videogame news websites:

Feeds in Tabs

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