Reflection of Myself - SWOT analysis

After a long break, finally a new semester has begun. The very first assignment is a written journal of career planning and analysis, one of the courseworks of Business Communications. It requires us to perform an interview with a person who is related to our chosen career field. 
The first thought that comes to my mind is INTERESTING
Next, i've been questioning myself, 
What is my ideal future career? 
How am i going to achieve my goal?
How is my future going to be ? 
Well, frankly, there is quite high of uncertainty towards my future. So, i thought, this is a pretty good chance for me to at least make clear of my career pathway and plans! ;) 

Deep in my mind, I always have a passion towards owning an apparel company, specifically an own-label apparels company.
This passion has grown since I'm young because of influence under my family business in related field.    
I decided to take this chance to know more about other apparel company's establishment, management and so on. I then done an interview with the Managing Director of MX=3 Fashion Enterprise, Mr. Kenny Seh who has really enriched my knowledge and allowed me to take a deeper thought on my future career.

With the information given, i could understand better about the job scope, job benefits and most importantly, job challenges. 
In order to achieve my career goal, I've came up with a SWOT analysis to have an overview of myself.



Able to speak various languages fluently






Part-time working





                                                                             SWOT ANALYSIS 

With this SWOT analysis, I could roughly know my strengths and weakness which allows me to strengthen and improve myself.
I also could know my opportunities for reaching my future career and how to take approaches to eliminate threats.
After the career analysis, here are some of my future plans for the career : 
In short-term,
i) Pursue a business degree, which is International Business & Marketing Degree, currently in Year 1 Sem 2. 
ii) Try my best and achieve a First Class Honour for the degree.
iii) Go for internship in my chosen related field to gain experiences.
iv) Take foreign languages course, such as Spanish, French to prepare myself for working abroad.

In long-term,
i) Work in an apparel related multinational company after graduated from University.
ii) Gain working experiences and pursue a Master's Degree in International Business.
iii) Establish own apparel company and  gradually create an own-label apparel line.

So, this is my career planning so far. Though future is full of uncertainties, but i believe that future is all hold in our hands. Here is a recent quote that i heard,  
"Every morning when you wake up, you can choose either continue to sleep and dream or wake up and chase your dreams" , by Dato' Loy Teik Ngan, Managing Director of Taylor's University.