Bonner Brother Transitional Housing

Helping People, Helping Lives


Momentemps Ltd's mission is to provide  a community based Corporation, we are actively involved in contributing to adults transitioning into a higher standard of living.  Our main mission is to provide services to Veterans, alcohol, substance abuse users and ex-offenders.  Our goals are to provide them with safe drug free transitional housing: to stabilize employment, and to provide them with easy access to ongoing treatment and support to help them  become self-sufficient so that they may be able to  start a new life and to help them fight their struggle with addiction and break the cycle of substance abuse. This
program will focus on adults, who will be allowed to receive  education, job training and general life skills.

Bonner Brothers Transitional Housing are public facilities that houses adults in need of transitional assistance.  Situated near the center of the city makes it easy to accommodate up-to-6 adults, housing 2 persons per room. These homes are of modern construction, designed to offer up to a year to residents offering a comfortable friendly atmosphere freedom of personal privacy is respected.

Momentemps Employment Solution, a division of Momentemps Ltd provides quality temporary employment services and are committed to delivering superior services to our clients through gaining a personal understanding of their needs and requirements. Momentemps operates differently than your average employment agency and  it takes a special employer with a special heart to accept underprivileged, handicapped, incarcerated and homeless individuals that are in need of uplifting and a solid ground to stand on .


  • Save Time & Money
  • Confidentiality
  • Professional Assistance