Percival Vickers: 1878

Although only one item - an oval dish - was registered under number 319090 - this registration represents the largest of Percival Vickers' big pressed glass tableware sets - the Manchester Set.
Their 1881 pressed glass catalogue illustrates the set over 3 pages, in all a total of 26 pieces.
Pieces include: a sugar, a covered sugar, 2 cream jugs, a centre dish and large celery stand, an ice pail, a pickle jar, a small cream, a low sugar, a small sugar, 2 half pint tumblers, a biscuit jar, a small handled butter, a sweetmeat, a trifle dish and stand, a small celery, a large celery, a butter with cover, a comport, a basin, a basin with cover, an oval dish, a round dish, a plate, and a marmalade cover with plate. Some pieces were available in various sizes and available frosted and unfrosted.
But there were in fact even more items than this. In the images below you can see a bowl with a high quality metal lid. This also bears the Manchester set pattern but is not shown in their catalogue.

1 MARCH 1878
Design Number

Pressed dish

An oval dish.  The centre has a star pattern.  There is a repeating pattern around the body of the dish.  The registration provides measurements: 10 1/2 inches long, 7 3/4 inches wide, 1 3/4 inches deep.

Frosted celery vase
This one kinks out at the top and was probably used as part of a centre stand.
It was placed upside down and an 11 inch bowl placed on top of it.

Unfrosted version, not used as part of a centre stand
(photo by Rob Young)

Following photos by Rob Young


The following images reproduced with permission from an eBay sale by user sweet_home_chicago_antiques

A bowl from the Manchester set with metal lid attachment

Sent in by Fred Cooper

This rare sardine with stars on base bears the Manchester pattern but is not in the catalogue
Thanks to Fred Cooper for the photos