Molineaux Webb Catalogue - Miscellaneous

Knife Rests

There are more knife rest designs in the cut glass pattern books, some of which are coloured glass and one possibly uranium.

Flower Vases

This looks quite like an elongated version of the registered 1867 biscuit barrel design so may date to that period.

This is the registered 1864 Greek Key comport which has been converted to hold a flower vase. One of these has been seen on eBay, minus the vase. The comport has a distinctive slot in the centre of the dish to take the vase attachment.

Similar to the posy basket designs produced by other manufacturers

Is this for flowers?


Not sure what these are for...

Piano Feet and Similar

Percival & Vickers made a piano foot that was registered for another entity in 1859, so some of these could date to that period.



Thanks to Kevin Collins for this image of piano foot 699