Many glass items from the Manchester glass industry can be viewed in the online collection.
A couple of Molineaux & Webb items can be found using the online collection search.
 Contains research articles on Molineaux & Webb glass items (in German)
They have a substantial piece on Molineaux & Webb in their 2008-3 issue - pdf here
And another piece from 2008 details pressed glass items containing images of British Royalty, with speculations on Molineaux & Webb - pdf here
A summary of the history section of this website was translated into German in February 2009 by pressglas-korrespondenz - available here
Volume 4 of the Glass Circle Journal has an article on the Manchester glass industry.
 The museum contains examples of Warrington glass and a painting of Warrington dated 1772 which captures the Bank Quay glass works.
An image of the painting can be seen on the website on this page.
 Website shows the location of Molineaux & Webb relative to the canal network in Ancoats.