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Free Textbooks

This is a list of Math books that (a) could be used as textbooks for college courses and (b) can be downloaded for free from the internet. Currently all books except Devlin's are available as pdfs, and most (if not all) are also available through some print-on-demand service for between $10 and $20, which again, is approximately free. This list is certainly not complete; similar lists exist elsewhere - notably here - but if you have stumbled across this one instead, perhaps you will find it useful.

Stitz and Zeager, Precalculus
Doerr and Levasseur, Applied Discrete Structures
Keith Devlin, Introduction to Mathematical Thinking (only approximately free)
Richard Hammack, Book of Proof
Jim Hefferon, Linear Algebra
Tom Judson, Abstract Algebra
Grinstead and Snell, Introduction to Probability