David Molnar

Peripatetic mathematician, currently representing my home state of New Jersey at Rutgers University. I have taught at College of the Holy Cross (2000), Saint Olaf College (2000-2004), Gustavus Adolphus College (2004-2005), College of Saint Benedict / Saint John's University (2005-2006), the University of Puget Sound (2006-2008), and at Felician College in Rutherford, NJ (2010-2014). In 2009, I re-enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Connecticut, earning my Ph.D. in May of 2010. 

My daughter Ava recently graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA. What happens next I don't know.

My son Hristos is in fifth grade. He enjoys baseball, karate, swimming, and eating.

My wife Ioanna teaches also teaches Mathematics at Rutgers.

Interests, Mathematical and Otherwise