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Summer Reading!

posted May 18, 2010, 2:57 PM by Molly Schall favorite
      Ahhhh summer, the sun (currently acting shy, and not to be seen in Northern Indiana), baseball, sun tea on the front porch, and summer reading.  I remember a time in my early days when I would digest nearly a book a day.  My route to the local library is forever ingrained in my memories of childhood summers, and when I walk that same path today, I still think about my 9 year old(ish) self walking to the library for my next "grown up" chapter book. 

     I'm happy to say that the tradition continues, and today (although it is actually the second day of my official summer vacation) I made my first trip to the library to initiate my favorite literary season.  The lucky book is The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, which the library sort of picked for me due to a limited catalog selection in what is apparently my taste in reading lists.  Below you will find the rest of the books on my list so far.
     Now if you will excuse me, it is a rainy summer afternoon and my book is calling.  Thank you, book, for keeping me from unpleasant things like cleaning or my guilt-induced jog to make up for last night's dinner.  Before I go, I must ask: What are you reading this summer?  I'll be keeping you posted about what I'm up to.  Happy reading!