- June 14, 2008 (Saturday) - 

I'm pregnant!  Wow.  Yesterday (Friday the 13th!) was our first appointment with a nurse.  We got free magazines and a book and vitamins and lots of information.  Mostly, we had heard the information already, but it wasn't so much the info that was exciting.  It was just the fact that it was our first appointment!  Jer didn't have to work in the morning, so he got to come along.  That was so nice.

We found out that I'm about 5 weeks along already!  That's nearly half-way through the first trimester!  And I haven't been sick at all - not really.  Just a hint of nausea a few mornings this past week - totally manageable.  

I get tired a lot faster than normal and I'm sore.  If you know what I mean. 

I'm so happy and peaceful feeling.  I'm trying not to think of miscarriage and instead thinking about holding my wee baby... 


- Febuary 15, 2008 - 

(A picture of one result of the many snowstorms we've had this winter!) 


Yesterday was V-day.  I love Love-Day.  Even when I didn't have a boyfriend or husband or anything... I still liked it.  Some of my friends hated the day, and wore black arm bands.  Crazy.

I got a homemade card from my sweety.  The cover was even done in crayon.  He drew a heart, and  most of it, he colored blue.  This section was the part that was mine.  A very small section in the top of the heart was red and was called "Blood to keep J-- alive".  LOL. The inside was covered with his handwriting stating lots of romantic and funny things.  What a perfect guy I have.

We're doing better money-wise lately.  We have a total of 3 renters now, and this helps a TON with paying the mortgage and bills.  Another guy is interested in renting our last bedroom.  But right now, I'm using it as the Day Care and Craft room.  It's nice to keep the babies in a smaller room where I can keep track of them better than in the large living room with all its books and electrical cords.  All the crafts are up high on our old dining room table from Ikea.  We'll see what happens with this renter... if I can figure out where to put all the crafts, we might rent to him, too.

 Tomorrow is the Valentine's Banquet.  This year we're having it at our house.  We're having it catered by Fusion.  It's an awesome Bistro with gourmet food for those of us on a budget.  I've cleared out the parlor for more seating and the buffet table.  I'm going to wrap white Christmas lights in white tuling and make that into table runners.  That's it for decorating this year.

Afterwords we're going to have a fire going in the fireplace, and project a movie above the mantle ("It Happened One Night" - my favorite old movie of all time!)  It'll be the first time I've thrown a party like this - nice catering, lots of people... It's going to be a blast!


- September 19, 2007 -  

I gave plasma today.  I was 20 dollars richer until I went to Walmart just after the donation and bought some groceries.  


Firstly, they put the stretchy bandage on very tightly every time.  My forearm is blotchy red while my upper arm is white. 

Secondly, I shouldn't go grocery shopping after donating because I leave donation feeling faint and hungry.  This makes me grab food randomly from shelves with little planning due to being faint and fuzzy-minded.  I came home with avacados, milk, apples, and red potatoes.  And some other things I don't remember.  Shopping was a blur.  I did redeem the avacado purchase by immediately making guacamole.  I did eat some prematurely which was disappointing to my taste buds.  It's settling now, in the fridge.


The fridge is a full three feet to the right of where it used to be.  It's wonderful to re-arrange large things like refrigerators.  The room looks new and more open, like it can breathe now.  It really will be a brand-new room soon.   I've stripped the green and purple plaid wallpaper and am begining to paint it green.  It's a good medium-green and not too bright.  I hope green will be ok in a kitchen.  Green tends not to be the most appetizing color.  It's the color of some types of mold... and many types of vegetables, which also are not very appetizing (to me, at least).  We're also stripping all the wood trim and cabinets and will be painting them white.


The picture to the left makes the green wall look teal.  It's not teal.  There's not enough light in the kitchen to show the wonderful shade of green on my camera.  But it'll look good compared with the yellow entryway behind it, I think.  The one on the right is a little truer to the color.  This one's actually a little too bright now.  Darken that shade in your head just a little, and you've got it.