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Places I want to visit...


Zabalo (Village in Ecuador) where I hoped to go in August 2008. See Ecuador page. Sadly I couldnt raise the funds in time but have been invited to go next year.



Peru - my next desination! This is Lima, the capital. Working through Original Volunteers, I hope to spend a minimum of 1 month out here in one of the many orphanages.



 Macha Pichu - its been on my list of places to go for sooo many years!  If I can make this visit while I am out there it will be another dream come true.



 I'm going to swim with Giant Leatherback Turtles...they are under serious threat from our filthy habits, whole islands of plastic rubbish is destroying our oceans and beautiful creatures like this. Lots of work is being carried out by volunteers and researchers to help save them from extinction and YES..thats a real possibility.