More about donating


  1. How will I know when my donation is dueLearn more about donating?
    1. Depending on the option you choose (monthly or annual, I will send you a reminder at the time your donation is due.
  2. Is there a target you want to achieve?
    1. Yes, if I can find 1000 people to pledge at least £1 every month, I can plan 2-3 volunteering expeditions each year.
  3. Where does my donation go?
    1. My aim is to minimise my personal outogings by living for free.  ALL your money will go towards the expeditions.
  4. What about your living expeses?
    1. I'll be working alongside my fundraising activities.
  5. What more can I do?
    1. The more people who know about the idea, the greater the chances that someone else will donate - tell more people!
  6. I have another question for you...
    1. Email me at: