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Headed by explorer Colonel John Blashford-Snell, an 18 strong international team of volunteers will be visiting the Cofani Indians in a remote part of Eastern Ecuador in August this year (08) 

The aims of the expedition are to build a supply system to provide much need clean water for the village of Zabalo, bring medical and dental aid, books and reading glasses. They will also be carrying out archealogical and wild life studies to help determine the viablity of an eco trade so that the Indians can build a sustainable economy. 

Costing £3300 pounds - this trip was going to be my first.  I was selected and appointed as Quartermaster back in November 07 and by January had raised £1000 through car boot sales.  Sadly for me, the house sale not only  didnt make me a penny but it cost me all of my hard earned cash in fees. On top of that my initial fundraising idea didnt get off the ground as anticipated - I'm now running out of time.

This week I had to make one of the hardest decisions so far and I emailed the team to tell them I couldnt go.  Its too big a sum in too short a time - short of a miracle!

John runs a charity called Just a Drop - aimed at bringing clean water to parts of the world affected by polution - Zabalo and other villages in eastern Ecuador have no clean water thanks to filthy goldmines that use all sorts of toxins in the process. The ground is so toxic that the Indians cant sink or use wells.

I feel dreadful - this would have been the experience of a lifetime.











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