Our Mission

Helping the smallholder farmers through research on disease control and prevention
About us

Welcome to the Jores research group at the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI). We are part of the Vaccine Biosciences group and based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our research focuses on the development of diagnostic assays and vaccines for diseases caused by bacteria belonging to the ‘Mycoplasma mycoides cluster’. We work closely with a range of local and international partners, and are involved in research projects based in Europe and North America as well as in Africa at present (see Research projects). Additionally, we are interested in the characterization of camel pathogens. 

All our research adheres strictly to international bio-safety and ethical standards. 
Key research areas are:

A) Development of diagnostic assays
B) Characterization of host immune responses during disease
C) Identification of virulence traits and pathogenicity mechanisms
D) Application of synthetic biology tools to enhance the development of control measures against diseases
E) Epidemiology and modeling of disease