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The MoLIC Designer was made to support the construction of MoLIC diagrams by Interaction Design experts or students with a minimum of Semiotic Engineering knowledge. As the MoLIC language helps you to think of interaction, the Designer will help you to better structure and organize the whole interaction project.

Here is a short description of what you can do with it

  • To create a New Diagram, go on File -> New -> MoLIC Diagram, a dialog will prompt for a location.
  • Use the side palette to insert and connect MoLIC elements. You can change the size of the icons on the toolbar.

  • MoLIC Designer offers direct editting over every label you see, just click on them and type. 

  • You can use the Outline View to navigate through big and complex diagrams

  • You may change the size, color and font type of some elements such as Scene and Monologue. Other such as System Process has fixed size. 

  • You may either place an element and then change its size, or specify its size right when you add it, just click and drag.

  •  You may print the diagram using the icon on the toolbar

  • You may use the content of your .molic_diagram XMI file on another application.
  • Also, you can generate a visualization for a MoLIC Diagram XMI model when manipulated by a third-party application, click on File -> Import from XMI.
See the video:

This is a project of the Semiotic Engineering Group of PUC-Rio