Welcome to the Molecular Imaging Lab in the Department of Molecular Spectroscopy at the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research. We use a variety of chemical and fluorescence microscopy methods to study fundamental processes in soft matter systems:  from force trandsuction in cells and materials to subtle biochemical modifications in metabolic disorders. The primary imaging modalities in our group are multiphoton fluorescence and coherent Raman scattering (CRS) microscopy. 

While epi-fluorescence microscopy is the indisputable workhorse imaging method for life sciences research, we hope to exploit the unique capabilities of nonlinear optical imaging: unprecedented chemical specificity, high spatial, and high temporal resolution with minimal photo-damage, to gain new insight about local chemical heterogeneity in biological systems. We apply these techniques to study biophysics in three different areas: 1) lipid chemistry in oxidative and adipose tissues as related to obesity, 2) molecular transport in biomimetic and synthetic membranes, and 3) molecular biophysics in soft matter.