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#GOMOJO LIFESAVERS®© A unique, stylish and practical way to discreetly carry, safely store, easily access and use your condoms at anytime, anyplace and in any element.Whether you're a guy, gal, or non gender conforming person who always likes to be prepared, or who lives life in the moment or who worries about what people will think, we've got YOUR mojo covered!

We have designed a new and unique approach to break social norms and empower behavioral change with both male and female condom use. Your choice from endless designs by visual artists of all ages to easily accessing 3 male condoms or 1 female and 2 male condoms.

#GOMOJO LIFESAVERS® are a safesex vehicle with a rugged, yet sleek design to and not an ordinary approach to educate, encourage and empower people to protect themselves at all times.



#GOMOJO LIFESAVERS®condom holders are wrapped in your choice of amazing visual art designs offered in a array of full colors, prints and an accessory you're sure to love and never want to leave home without!

Small size 2.5” in length- space for info inserts and three male condoms or two male condoms and 1 pack lube

Medium size 5” in length - space for info inserts and holds 1 female condom and two male

condoms, 4 male condoms, and lube packets and endless assortments of safe sex kits



  • 1,000s of original design options -artwork by Las Vegas artists, quotes, sports, games, core values, good luck symbols, astrology signs, city landscapes, earth, outer space, even customized designs ranging from cool colors taken from zoomed in photography to contemporary visual art design choices
  • Sturdy plastic container tubes, sealed and beautifully concealed with high quality vinyl designs, and waterproof tubing capped and topped off with a snug fit
  • Carry on a key chain, lander, clip on a belt loop, put it in your pocket, or toss it in your purse, backpack, tool or tackle box, you can rest assure your contents are safe from sight, smell and contaminants.
  • Great to give as a classy gifts, conversation starters or non verbal tools for parents, safe sex advocates, and to young people; who deny sexual activity
  • An innovative approach to CDC approved scientific evidence behavioral change for mobilizing condom distribution programs for health departments, community, health and faith based organizations funded to make sure that the people at highest risk for HIV always have easy access to the prevention products they want, in the places and spaces they go.
  • Customization for Corporate Sponsors, Special Event Promotions, Music Festivals, Collector Items, etc



Designed to discreetly hold 3 male condoms

SIZE 2.5" in Length and 1" in Diameter

GOMOJO is the unisex safe sex vehicle needed to prevent STD/HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. We empower and mobilize safe sex wherever people live, learn, work, play, visit, roll, relax, wander off too, worship, deploy...

GOMOJO bags are a unique, stylish and practical way to discreetly carry, safely store, easily access and use your small essentials. MOJOBAGS designed to carry your everyday essentials such as condoms, cash, coins, cigars, medications, passports, e-cig, vapes and virtual 1,000's of small items. MOJO bags are great for all people of all ages and even great for your pets clean dog dodo bags. #GOMOJO bags airtight, waterproof, sealed and beautifully concealed sturdy plastic container tube topped off with a secure and snug fit vinyl key chain hanger and snug fit cap. We offer endless choices of beautifully wrapped, for all people of any ages.

GOMOJO LIFESAVER are a health product -Condom Carrying Device. Our condom holders are not an ordinary condom wallet or compact case. We empower, educate and motivate safe and responsible sexual health, through online and street level outreach.

We have spent years testing and designing an all terrain safe sex vehicle suited for the United States Department of Defense requesting the need to provide military members to prevent STD/HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. We empower and mobilize safe sex wherever people live, learn, work, play, visit, roll, relax, wander off too, worship, deploy...

GOMOJO has paved the path for an #AIDSFREEGEN following the Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief

Road Map for Saving Lives
Road Map for Smart Investments
Road Map for Driving Results with Science
Road Map for Shared Responsibility

GOMOJO LifeSaver

Condom Key Chain Holders


#downtown #lasvegasGOMOJO is a grassroots movement in Downtown Las Vegas, organizing people ensuring synergistic efforts that help us document models that are effective in achieving and organizing goals, and can be shared and scaled elsewhere. We are social entrepreneurs and social scientists in the business of saving lives, for profits, good times and great memories. We are a globally scaled web-based e commerce business and in local public health and community based organizations and retail shops coming soon. 


Gay Pride

Straight Ally Pride

Lesbian Pride

Bear Pride

To increase the availability and reach of media campaigns, grant and funding information and co-branding the Downtown Las Vegas community as one start up city and share our similarities.

To Increase the availability of online partners to brand on the street level interventions and expand the availability and location of free and low cost condoms, HIV/STI/D testing, good times and great memories.

To Increase the number and availability of youth/young people specific interventions, giving kids other things to be passionate about besides sex.

To Increase Partnership Development—increases support for a program or issue by harnessing the influence, credibility, and resources of profit, nonprofit, and governmental organization