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posted Apr 8, 2015, 8:06 PM by MOJO MICHELE   [ updated Apr 14, 2015, 10:48 PM ]

Founder's Story:

Michele Reed

#GOMOJO was founded July 2011 by Michele Reed. Michele was born in Van Nuys, CA on 11/11/1973 and has lived in Las Vegas since 1974.

Michele Reed is a social entrepreneur, a mother of three beautiful children, and a Founder of #GOMOJO.

Michele grew up in Las Vegas since the age of 1. She studied business management and sociology at University of Phoenix-Las Vegas and graduated in 2001. Michele also taught sales and marketing at College of Southern Nevada. She developed a unique teaching method, using wide variety of teaching aids, motivating tactics, and her personal experience with implementation strategies to engage students in active learning.

In 1996, Michele took a position at Lowestfare.com as a full time student successfully climbed the corporate ladder, developed and implemented sales and service coaching process at Global Discount Travel Services known as Lowestfare.com. Her team consistently exceeded sales team goals, and Michele was put in charge of execution for Beta test training, implementation strategies and sales supervisor.

In July 2001, Michele was given the opportunity to put her business degree to work as #2 hire for Cheapseats Call Center Manager she rebuilt the framework attracting investors from Atlanta who wanted to compete with expedia over a 5 year period they did it and then was promoted to the Director of Statistical Analysis and Marketing Content position at Onetravel.com known as Cheap Seats. She formulated and prepared reports of analysis and recommendations and reported directly to CEO. Michele delivered a record-high marketing campaign response-rates and successful results product launches through CRM.

In 2006, Michele opened MOJO Home Repairs and Maintenance, specialized in Ponds, Koi Fish Aquariums and Fountains. She succeeded to obtain over 10 Million in contracts and failed due to not building a solid team to do the work. She vowed to never again build or work for a company that had no set of values.

In recent years, Michele has lost too many of her close family and friends in the Black community to HIV/AIDS. In the past few years the disease has shifted to young people making her realize that the HIV outbreak is at a state of emergency in Las Vegas, NV and throughout the USA. Her determination to stop repeating the tragic losses led GOMOJO to become world wide CHANGE MAKER for HIV/AIDS prevention she IS RELENTLESS and will stop at nothing to save lives, equal the playing field for transgender, hand deliver happiness to Team Zappos and the Department of Defense.

After she lost too many of her close family and friends to HIV/AIDS, she realized that the HIV outbreak is at a state of emergency in Las Vegas and throughout the U.S. 

In 2011, she founded The MOJO BAGS in response to the July 2011 United States President’s CALL TO ACTION for ALL LEADERS to join the fight against HIV/AID focus on the hardest hit demographics with grossly disproportionate rates of infection in particular young Black Americans. She reinvented an airtight waterproof key chain designed for the United States Navy Marine Public Health Department to discreetly carry 3 Male Condoms and also a medium size for Female Condoms.  She realized she would need to do something drastically different and she decided to follow the lead of Team Zappos and Team Goodman's


Bachelors of Science in Business Management with Minor in Sociology
University of Phoenix -Las Vegas, NV
Certified United States Federal Advocate for Equal Rights, Gender Justice, AIDS Free Generation and Safe Sex
Community Service/Volunteer/Advocacy Work:
United States Federal Advocate
Free Condom Distribution Street Team
Gender Justice
Black Coalition
The Center
First Friday
Tech Cocktail

Fusae Ozawa's

Fusae Ozawa is a social entrepreneur Fusae who moved to Las Vegas in 2001 and studied Accounting at University of Nevada, Las Vegas and graduated with a Master of Science in Accounting from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. They met at a Tech Cocktail a Downtown Project event at The Window, the best co-working spot in Las Vegas. She was intrigued about the Downtown Las Vegas movement lead by Tony. Fusae spent endless hours listening to Michele talk about the PANDEMIC rate of new infections of HIV and h
ow the investments that Tony is making solves many of the problems within the PEPFAR Global Strategy Blueprints actions needed to achieve AIDS FREE GENERATION. Within one week and a few hundred questions she quit her accounting position and she joined the movement! The two walked, talked, volunteered and spent endless more days, weeks and hours working building the global strategy. It didn't take long before Michele showed up at the Window and 
appointed Fusae her as CEO.   

The two began really digging deep and executing PEPFARS ACTIONS NEEDED TO FIGHT AIDS. 

The two walking the talk to bring the downtown Las Vegas community together, work with The Center, AFAN, Planned Parenthood and Nevada State Public Health Department all while supporting the small business and investments made in Downtown Las Vegas and #VEGASTECH.

Fusae took the company to a whole other level and taking then ENDLESS pages, documents and global strategy needed to ensure synergistic efforts that help us document models that are effective in achieving and organizing goals, and can be shared and scaled elsewhere with www.gomojo.us project9. 

She also invested in the legalities needed to formalize #GOMOJO, INC. as a C Corporation in the business of saving lives, for profits, good times and GREAT MEMORIES!