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Art Is Doing Something GOMOJO uses the POWER OF ART to fight for AIDS-Free Generation

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Welcome To Art IS DOING Something

Welcome To Art IS DOING Something

Art Is Doing Something online gallery store is one of #GOMOJO projects to support the community and work together to #ENDAIDS.

It was born out of the love for the best arts and cultural experience the city of Las Vegas has, First Friday. Embedded in the culture of  #GOMOJO Lifesavers is a passion for brilliant design, detailed illustration and a strong appreciation for all things creative.  

We thought it will be nice if we can go an online store and buy goods, services, and arts knowing that we are supporting local community and businesses. So we came up with A.I.D.S. store. All of the goods and services on our store are only from local small businesses, farmers, and starving artists. features graphic #GOMOJO Lifesavers, and coming soon tees and wall art prints and originals from diverse local Las Vegas artists and from all around the world.

Shop 1,000’s of designs in our store, all of which can be found across different categories like nature, pop culture, abstract, fine art, and many more.

Empowering Artists

Through our Virtual First Friday initiative, we empower artists by giving them a unique platform to share MOJO Lifesaver designs and artwork through their own online storefront. Artists can upload artwork and can place it on #GOMOJO LIFESAVERS®©, and Tee Shirts, or wall art prints that fans can purchase from their personal online store COMING SOON!.

Become a Virtual First Friday Artist, and start selling your artwork on #GOMOJO LIFESAVERS®©, and wall art prints today.

Why feels good to buy at Art Is Doing Something online store?

Art Is Doing Something GOMOJO uses the POWER OF ART to fight for AIDS-Free Generation

TALK'n'WALK - Art Is Doing Something-A.I.D.S

Art Is Doing Something-A.I.D.S

The soul of the community to End Aids

Art is doing something supports local artists and helping to “End AIDS.” Local community without the local artists is like a pair of glasses without lenses. It is FAKE. Local artists are the soul of the community. #GOMOJO online store features local artists and the part of the proceed of the sales support the local community to End AIDS. Let’s support local artists and celebrate the soul of the community for Aids Free Generation.

What We Do....Purpose

At #GoMOJO Art Is Doing Something our goal is to educate people about HIV and AIDS and encourage them to play an active and creative role in the global AIDS response through art and safer sex. We our on a world #RecordSetter mission to help bring the City of Las Vegas and our country into the first city in the world to become #AIDSFREE. 

We do this by:

Engaging Young People...Paths

When Art Is Doing Something for #AIDSFree Generation was founded, it was clear that young, black, latin, asian, of all any gender especially transgender lacked the voice and support to drive real change in the AIDS response and in the world ahead of them.

Despite this, it was clear that any effective change could only stem from the passion, energy, and creativity of young people, artists and those with young hearts.   Apparently, we weren't the only ones who noticed and support this futuristic vision that through art and popular culture we can change minds and empower people globally.  We are supported by a powerful group of people in Las Vegas, NV.

Young people are the key in the fight against AIDS. By giving them the support they need, we can empower them to protect themselves against the virus. By giving them honest and straightforward information, we can break the circle of silence across all society. By creating effective campaigns for education and prevention, we can turn young people’s enthusiasm, drive and dreams for the future into powerful tools for tackling the epidemic. – Kofi Annan, Former United Nations Secretary-General

Getting Creative...Passions

As Joey says, we are all artists. 

To change this, we began as civil servants, product testers and marketers in the Streets of Love seeking and engaging with young people, Black and people of color and high risk people to educate by talking honestly about HIV/AIDS pandemic new rates and also about their passions in life and how they make money or would LOVE to make money. 

We are passionate about our community integrated marketing campaign to support our growing partnerships, with several #UNLV Student Organizations, other local businesses partnering for cause related marketing infotainment campaigns that use a combination of their purpose, fact-based knowledge sharing, experiential learning, peer-peer support, humor and of course art making to explore specific and sensitive aspects of risk and vulnerability, especially as they relate to HIV. 

During the workshops participants translate their insights into the production of original collage artwork. Each collage is then produced as original machine-made limited edition prints that are signed and numbered, and collaboratively make up a portfolio unique to that school.

Sharing the Work....Profits

After the portfolios are complete, the artwork is exhibited and sold in schools, and throughout the local and global community at special events, in galleries and museums, and online. During these events, many of which are run by young people, Art for AIDS has an opportunity to multiply its message to reach the broader public, and sell the prints.

Gallery and Shop

Purchase student artwork made during our workshops and from our online gallery and directly support programs that help the people most affected by AIDS in our community.

Supporting More Good Work

With the funds raised by hosting workshops, and selling prints, we are able to not only continue to host workshops with young people and all Las Vegas community members, but support select initiatives directly that provide care and support for women and children affected by HIV and AIDS in some of the communities hardest hit by the epidemic throughout Nevada, USA, The Military, and globally.


Support and Volunteer
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Neon Dice
Color Water BubblesNEON BUBBLES 5X3.8Neon ButterfliesNeon Smoke

Tulpa Art

posted Nov 28, 2014, 4:55 PM by MOJO MICHELE   [ updated Mar 31, 2015, 6:39 PM ]

Tulpa Art is a slew of handmade wire wrapped stones and pendants. Every piece is handmade and produces and story. All stones used have healing properties. As well as the chosen pendants and random trinkets placed inside of all necklaces and bracelets. These pieces are to be worn to bring love, health, and prosperity into each owners life. As well as flare to their everyday wear.

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