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Hope Co OP

HOPE CO-OP-Started From the #BOTTOMSUP

GOMOJO is changing advertising, public relations and marketing, and it has made some people who work in such business mad as hell.  But IMC is a common-sense idea.  Instead of dividing all the communication into several overlapping departments, organizations and local business we will use one strategy for everything, making all the communication solid with one message and one strategy.


Hope CO-OP

The President’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget demonstrates that we can make critical investments to strengthen the middle class, create jobs, and grow the economy while continuing to cut the deficit in a balanced way.

The President believes we must invest in the true engine of America’s economic growth – a rising and thriving middle class. He is focused on addressing three fundamental questions:

How To make America once again a magnet for jobs, the Budget invests in high-tech manufacturing and innovation, clean energy, and infrastructure, while cutting red tape to help businesses grow.

To give workers the skills they need to compete in the global economy, it invests in education from preschool to job training.

To ensure hard work is rewarded, it raises the minimum wage to $9 an hour so a hard day’s work pays more. do we attract more jobs to our shores?

How do we equip our people with the skills needed to do the jobs of the 21st Century?

How do we make sure hard work leads to a decent living?

The Budget presents the President’s plan to address each of these questions.

  • Support Economic Growth: . supports, social, entreprenuers, innovation, economic growth, and job creation.

  • Improve federal investment tools and resources, while also increasing interagency coordination, to encourage direct investment, spurring job growth.

  • Build the capacity of public workforce

  • Human resource development, the process of equipping individuals with the understanding, skills and access to information, knowledge and training that enables them to perform effectively.

  • Organizational development, the elaboration of management structures, processes and procedures, not only within organizations but also the management of relationships between the different organizations and sectors (public, private and community).

  • Institutional and legal framework development, making legal and regulatory changes to enable organizations, institutions and agencies at all levels and in all sectors to enhance their capacities (citation: Urban Capacity Building Network).

It is a bottom up game, not top down this is building the future!
With HOPE CO-OP, everybody has a fair shot, to equal opportunity to live out life to their full potential. This project is not only creating jobs, we are creating HOPE.


Co-ops are a democratic businesses and organizations, equally owned and controlled by a group of people.  There are worker co-ops, housing co-ops, and more.  In a cooperative, one member has one vote.

Because cooperatives are democratically owned co-ops keep money (and jobs) in their communities.  Co-ops aren’t a far off theory, they offer achievable and practical solutions to many economic and social problems that can be implemented now.  Co-ops aren’t a charity; they are self-help and solidarity.  

We are pulling together the citizens of Las Vegas to work out solutions.  Co-ops strive to make people’s lives, communities, and economies more just equitable and democratic.  There’s no right way to do a co-op.  They

We have identified steps to develop human capital with experience, skill building, tasks performed in technology transfer, including expanding opportunities for entrepreneurship education; and compensation for achieving goals.

We are facilitating Worker Co-ops so that everybody who wants to be a business owner, but without the sole responsibility, can be!  Only thing you need to bring to the table is your passion to “ Change the world.”  OUR projects not only generate income, but also create jobs for high risk youth, hiv+ people, volunteers and other members of the LGBT community.  

Social Entrepreneurship

GOMOJO  understands the required business-minded people who are willing to assist in developing a business plan, seeking out investors, and then registering a formal business, whose profits feed into the budget of the NGO.  At times, some donors are interested in investing in such projects, as they are often self-sustaining. For example, a donor may –invest capital in a project that would eventually make a profit to support the NGO. We consider the interests and talents of the staff and volunteers of local organizations, and pull together position to consider businesses that could be set up to generate additional income for the NGO.

Maximizing the economic impact of the Small Business Innovation Research

UNLV Economic and Development

UNLV Farmers Market


Trans Female Clothing Line

We have many friends who are interested in the Downtown Las Vegas

Local Motors

Social Enterprise

Such “social enterprise” projects have the capacity to offer not only substantial amounts of funding to supplement a community-based organizations budget, but also

opportunities for staff and volunteers to gain practical business skills. Based on for-profit models, such projects develop schemes to generate income.

  • ART is Doing Something is an individual community level platform for artists

  • Sustainable strategy for fundraising is setting up income-generating projects, channeling profits from a business into a community-based organization.

  • A meeting planning and logistics companyUNLV Farmers Market Fundraiser Raffle Tickets

  • Data Asset Management Company

  • A cyber café initiative, opening a for-profit cyber café that also serves as a computer software training center.

UNLV Student Organizations

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