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Gender Justice-BE BRAVE We've Got YOUR MOJO COVERED!

  • GOMOJO Gender Justice


    Community-Based HIV Prevention for Young MSM and Transgender Persons of Color

    CDC funding: $50 million total, FY2012-FY2016 (assumes level funding)

    Support for local HIV prevention efforts to reach young MSM and transgender people of color with HIV testing and linkages to care, support, and prevention services, as well as targeted behavioral interventions and other effective approaches.

    HIV prevention has also generated substantial economic benefits. For every HIV infection that is prevented, an estimated $360,000 is saved in the cost of providing lifetime HIV treatment, resulting in significant cost-savings for the health care systems

    #GOMOJO knows that countries, cities and communities are more likely to prosper when they tap the talents of all their people.  GOMOJO strives to tap into people passions and guide people in need to amazing resources that are investing in the health, education and rights of women, and working to empower the next generation of women entrepreneurs and leaders. Because when mothers and daughters have access to opportunity, that’s when economies grow, that’s when governance improves.”

    Individual Levels

    Promote learning and adaptation and AMAZING OPPORTUNITY to change. 


    Community & Societal Level

    Establish an interactive online and ground level environment that allows individuals to engage the living, learning, coworking and playing and the adaptation PRODUCT

    Rethink I'MPOSSIBLE

    Institutional Level - 
    Modernizing existing institutions and supporting community coworking, co-living, co-learning, co-marketing, co-branding,
  • HIV Among Transgender People HIV Among Transgender PeopleHIV Among Transgender PeopleTransgender women are at high risk for HIV infection.By race/ethnicity, black/African American transgender women have the highest percentage of ...
    Posted Aug 10, 2015, 6:46 PM by MOJO MICHELE
  • Department Of Justice Add Feed We followed all the money allocated for Gender Justice!!!!
    Posted Apr 17, 2015, 2:24 PM by MOJO MICHELE
  • Increase gender equity in HIV/AIDS programs and services. Increase gender equity in HIV/AIDS programs and services.1. Increase gender equity in HIV/AIDS programs and services.a) Support countries in identifying the social, legal, economic andcultural ...
    Posted Apr 4, 2015, 5:37 PM by MOJO MICHELE
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Sexual Health

  • Sexuality Education1 in 4 new HIV infection 13-24
  • SIECUS-the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States SIECUS-the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States- was founded in 1964 to provide education and information about sexuality and sexual and reproductive health.SIECUS affirms that ...
    Posted Nov 3, 2015, 12:01 PM by MOJO MICHELE
  • Teen Advocates for Prevention Teen Advocates For Prevention (TAP) is a peer education program developed by EQL Experts for teens to receive an extra dose (30 hours) of comprehensive sex education training, including, but ...
    Posted Sep 30, 2014, 12:35 PM by MOJO MICHELE
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  • Art Is Doing Something-

    The soul of the community to End Aids

    Art is doing something supports local artists and helping to “End AIDS.” Local community without the local artists is like a pair of glasses without lenses. It is FAKE. Local artists are the soul of the community. #GOMOJO online store features local artists and the part of the proceed of the sales support the local community to End AIDS. Let’s support local artists and celebrate the soul of the community for Aids Free Generation.


    Community Building

    #GOMOJO Lifesavers graphic designs are inspired by local Las Vegas artists from diverse and multicultural background from all around the world. Embedded in the culture of #GOMOJO is a passion for community, brilliant design, detailed illustration and a strong appreciation for all things creative.
    We are on an execution mission to curate our shop with the 1,000's of local visual art designs ready for our store, all of which can be found across different MOJO Lifesavers and coming soon shirts and categories like funny, pop culture, abstract, fine art, and many more. 

    Empowering Artists

    Through our ArtisDOINGSomething initiative, we empower artists by giving them a unique platform to share #GOMOJO Lifesaver designs and artwork through their own online storefront.

    Artists can upload artwork and can place it on #GOMOJO Lifesaver graphic tees, Phone cases, or wall art prints that fans can purchase from their personal online store.

    Become a #GOMOJO Artist, and start selling your artwork on #GOMOJO Lifesavers, t-shirts, Phone cases,and wall art prints today. 

    Design Contests

    At #GOMOJO, we support and inspire artists to create the best products for fellow humans. The special design contests often involve guest collaboration with #UNLV, 

    #FFLV and #DTLV. It's a cultural thing when we get to work with people involved in First Friday, UNLV, Las Vegas Arts and Culture and some of our favorite charities. We also have special contests to challenge artist like cool characters, new musicians and creative themes
  • Tulpa Art Tulpa Art is a slew of handmade wire wrapped stones and pendants. Every piece is handmade and produces and story. All stones used have healing properties. As well as the ...
    Posted Mar 31, 2015, 6:39 PM by MOJO MICHELE
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  • #GOMOJO Hold Your Stake Sponsorship in the Street of LoveGOMOJO is motivated and driven by the U.S. Human and Health Care CDC which we believe is highly committed to reducing disparities and decreasing HIV/AIDS among African Americans, in collaboration with community members and influential leaders. As part of a heightened response to the HIV/AIDS crisis among African Americans, CDC has outlined plans to intensify programs in the following key areas: 

    • expanding the reach of prevention services
    • increasing opportunities for diagnosing and treating
    • developing new, effective prevention interventions; and
    • mobilizing broader community action
    • increase access to education....

    We want all Black people to know that it is time to implement CHANGE and NOW IS THE TIME!
  • Blacks/African Americans HIV/AIDSIn 2011, the diagnosis rate for HIV cases in the United States was 15.8 per 100,000 population and 60.4 among Blacks. Of 197,090 diagnoses ...
    Posted Aug 27, 2014, 2:42 PM by MOJO MICHELE
  • HIV/AIDS Resources for the Black Community sddf
    Posted Apr 18, 2014, 7:27 PM by MOJO MICHELE
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#GOMOJO Bridges the Gaps For People of Color- YES WE ARE My Brother's Keeper Initiative-

  • President Obama Launches My Brother’s Keeper Initiative #GOMOJO
    “That’s what ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is all about. Helping more of our young people stay on track. Providing the support they need to think more broadly about their future. Building on what works – when it works, in those critical life-changing moments.”
    President Barack Obama, February 27, 2014

    For decades, opportunity has disproportionately lagged behind for boys and young men of color – particularly in our African American and Latino communities.  As recently as 2013, only 14 percent of black boys and 18 percent of Hispanic boys scored proficient or above on the 4th grade reading component of the National Assessment of Educational Progress compared to 42 percent of white boys and 21 percent of black and Hispanic girls. Youth who cannot read “proficiently” by third grade are four times less likely to graduate high school by 19.
  • President Obama Launches My Brother's Keeper, His New Initiative to Help Young Men of Color An Executive OrderToday, from the East Room of the White House, President Obama will launch a new effort aimed at empowering boys and young men of color, a segment ...
    Posted Apr 9, 2015, 4:54 PM by MOJO MICHELE
  • President Obama is taking action to launch My Brother’s Keeper- February 27, 2014 HELP YOUNG PEOPLE OF COLORFor Immediate Release'February 27, 2014“I’m reaching out to some of America’s leading foundations and corporations on a new initiative to help ...
    Posted Apr 9, 2015, 2:40 PM by MOJO MICHELE
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    Show Some Love- Las Vegas Community
    We want to fill our streets with Love.

    We need HELP OUT HERE!  
    We have aligned and coupled our condom distribution campaigns that promote condom use as sexy and desirable and cool to carry in a MOJO LIFESAVER condom and catch all keychain holder.
    GOMOJO Street of LOVE combined MOJO Lifesaver Condom Ho—is the community’s single most powerful and enduring feet-on-the-street response to the AIDS pandemic. 

    #GOMOJO’s cross-cutting and multi-pronged strategies fills the gap in mobilizing and distributing free public sector male and female condoms to the people who need them the most in the places they live, learn, work, travel, play, stay and get _____. We have integrated and are ready to reach the streets primarily subsidized commodities poor and vulnerable populations lacking disposable income those at elevated risk of HIV transmission and/or acquisition populations frequently not reached by private sector supply chains.

    Not only are MOJO LIFESAVERS designed in cool prints we are also able to provide outreach interventions provide information, some provide counseling, and some provide both.

    Female condoms are unique in providing a female-controlled HIV prevention option, and PEPFAR will work with partner governments and other donors to promote them wherever effective programs can build sustainable demand.

    Street of Loves is tailored to address the social, community, financial, and structural factors that place specific populations at risk. 

    Our intervention programs are defined by the location and nature of the prevention activities. They involve the participation of peer and non-peer activity leaders. 

    GOMOJO Street of love outreach interventions take place in the community
    environment and targets people who otherwise may not receive HIV, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancy prevention messages. We are conducting community outreach interventions that involve taking prevention activities to neighborhoods, streets, bars, or many other places where the target community gets together.  Our outreach programs are not always
     a standard form of intervention, but a variety of interventions that share a set of techniques and characteristics.

    Our community outreach does not impose a formal structure of activities on the target population because it occurs in the client's own terms. It is based on the face-to-face contact between the outreach worker and the community members.

    We have undertaken years of research and countless studies to understand causal pathways and synergies and antagonism among potential combination intervention components including those that have previously demonstrated efficacy; this includes implementation/programs offering components, in combination at one site and multiple programs with separate individual components offered to the same population.

    GOMOJO Lifesavers can also include inserts to provide counseling, referrals,  HIV prevention messaging and support, as well as HIV testing and counseling, within antenatal care, maternal and child
    health, and family planning programs for both men and women.

    Support quality assurance efforts to improve integrated health services for women, importantly transgender.
  • Pat h ways for Youth Employment: Federal Resources for Employers Pat h ways for Youth Empl oyment: Federal Resources for Employers FEBRUARY 2015 PATH WAYS FOR YOU TH EMPLOY MENT: FEDER A L R ESOURCES FOR EMPLOYERS ★ 1 ★ Pathways for Youth Employment: Federal Resources for Employers In February 2014, President Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper initiative to address persistent opportunity gaps facing boys and young men of color and ensure that all young people can reach their full potential. Across the country, elected officials, business leaders, non-profits, foundations and local school systems are also stepping up to answer the President’s call to action to implement their own cradle-to-college-and-career strategies for improving the life outcomes of all young people. Ensuring that every young ...
    Posted Aug 8, 2016, 3:36 AM by MOJO MICHELE
  • Growing Roots and Ties
    Posted Apr 14, 2015, 9:41 PM by MOJO MICHELE
  • YES I am My Brother's and Sister's Keeper The MY BROTHER's & SISTER'S initiative  takes us through the many facets of whom and what we are as Black people. Nobody is disposable and we have to challenge that mindset in our homes, communities, workplace, churches, mosques, temples, fraternities and sororities, causal pathways, We have a chance to be better than we have ever been and not beat one another down for not doing whatever someone else thought we should have done last year.GOMOJO is dedicated to providing leadership to prevent new HIV infections and our products and programs have a global reach to recruit and provide linkage to HIV prevention & education, housing, transportation, medical and dental treatment, support groups, outreach, case management, employment and ...
    Posted Apr 17, 2015, 6:04 PM by MOJO MICHELE
  • Condom Distribution Don't Be Silly PROTECT Your Willy!GOMOJO bags are a unique, stylish and practical way to discreetly carry, safely store, easily access and use your small essentials.MOJO bags are airtight, waterproof, sealed and beautifully concealed plastic key chain container tubes topped off with a secure and snug fit vinyl key chain hanger and cap. Beautifully wrapped in your choice of endless, yet limited edition design prints.1. #GOMOJO provides condoms free of charge through our CBO and HBO CD partnerships2. #GOMOJO conducts wide-scale distribution through our street teams and delivery of free condoms to Downtown Las Vegas businesses and places that serve alcohol3. #GOMOJO has implemented several social marketing campaigns linked back to our site ...
    Posted Apr 17, 2015, 6:05 PM by MOJO MICHELE
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Road Map for Saving Lives

Rapid Scale up of Combination Prevention Can Reduce Resource Needs and Support Sustainability

The challenge ahead is to scale up effective combination prevention quickly enough to have a transformative impact on the epidemic and make national AIDS responses sustainable over time. This requires strategic reallocation of existing resources toward high-impact interventions, and increased and sustained investments through shared responsibility, led by countries, with support from donors and other partners.

HOW-We have done the time to employ evidence-based strategies to create demand for, and utilization of, male and female condoms,by ensuring that high-quality condoms are available, correspond to consumer preferences, for different distribution channels are used.

Increase access to, and uptake of, HIV testing and counseling, condoms and other evidence based, appropriately-targeted prevention interventions. Through online and with inserts for local locations.

1. #GOMOJO provides condoms free of charge through our CBO and HBO CD partnerships

2. #GOMOJO conducts wide-scale distribution through our street teams and delivery of free condoms to Downtown Las Vegas businesses and places that serve alcohol

3. #GOMOJO has implemented several social marketing campaigns linked back to our site to promote not only condom use, stats, facts, policy, but also to education training, community partners, events, and endless other opportunities.

4. Conduct both promotion and distribution activities at the individual, organizational, and environmental levels.

5. Target:

a. Individuals at high-risk

b. Venues frequented by high-risk individuals

c. Communities at greatest risk for HIV infection

d. The general populations within jurisdictions with high HIV incidence.

6. GOMOJO Supplements the condom distribution program with more intense risk reduction interventions, or other prevention or health services, for individuals at highest risk.

Integrate distribution program activities within other community-level intervention approaches to promote condom use and other risk reduction behaviors.

7. GOMOJO has established jurisdictional organizations and seeking support for condom distribution and promotion activities in traditional and nontraditional venues.

8. GOMOJO has spent 4 years conducting community-wide mobilization efforts to support and encourage condom use.

Roadmap for Smart Investment 

To achieve an AIDS-free generation, countries and communities must target efforts where the virus is—reaching and supporting those populations at greatest risk and urgently needing services.

GOMOJO not only promotes the female condom as an essential part of an overall condom strategy, but is looking to partner with programs that account for each community's broader condom market and that consider the unique attributes and benefits of the female condom for various populations.

We will not support interventions that fail to target the epidemic. Concurrently, we will work to realize efficiency gains to deliver greater results for our investment. We have vastly increased PEPFAR’s value for money by reducing the cost of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), streamlining supply chains, and working with partner countries to increase their investments, and this work will remain a

GOMOJO online and street level campaigns Target HIV/AIDS  reduce co-morbidity and mortality.

GOMOJO increases access to, and uptake of, HIV services by key populations.

GOMOJO is partnered with people living with HIV who design, manage and implement HIV programs to ensure that they are responsive to, and respectful of, their needs.

GOMOJO online tools and community partnerships strengthen PEPFAR’s continued focus on women, transgender girls and gender equality.

GOMOJO will Reach orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) affected by AIDS, and support programs that help them develop to their full potential.

GOMOJO strengthens and programmatic commitment to and emphasis on reaching and supporting young people with HIV services. will continue to grow and plan includes sharing our stories to better support the efforts of the organizations on the ground.

We have found ways to strengthen PEPFAR supply chains and business processes to increase the efficiency of our investments.

Our product and training and street outreach programs increase efficiencies through innovation and our online resources provide the tools to help greater integration of services with other U.S., bilateral and multilateral global health investments.


Roadmap for Shared Responsibility


Neither the U.S. nor any other single entity can accomplish this goal alone. Rather, it requires a Country, State, City, Community, Companies, Organizations and Individuals to demonstrate political will and effective coordination of multiple partners that are providing financing and carrying out interventions both inside and outside of the health sector, and most importantly, meaningfully involve those living with and affected by HIV in all aspects of the response.

As stated earlier, the goal of creating an AIDS-free generation is a shared responsibility with partner countries in a convening role. e-based interventions, and continue to generate value for money in our fight against AIDS. Specifically, this road map outlines PEPFAR’s plan to:

1. Partner with countries in a joint move toward Country, State, City, Community, Companies, Organizations and Individual-led, managed, and implemented responses.

2. Increase support for civil society as a partner in the global AIDS response.

3. Expand collaboration with multilateral and bilateral partners.

4. Increase private sector mobilization toward an AIDS-free generation.

Accordingly, PEPFAR will work with countries to scale-up activities that have a strong evidence base to produce a population-level impact.

GOMOJO has followed 58 Billion dollars around the world and gathered the information of local organizations in Las Vegas, NV and 100's of cities across the country.  

Road Map for Science


1. Leverage greatest impact by continuing to invest in implementation


  • Passions for Profits.png
  • Global Fund Support and Consultation Services for #AIDSFREE Generation Road Map for Saving Lives Goal: Scale Up Combination Prevention and TreatmentRoad Map for Smart Investments Going Where the Virus Is: Targeting Evidence-Based Interventions for Populations at Greatest ...
    Posted Apr 27, 2015, 10:43 PM by MOJO MICHELE
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The current state of HIV/AIDS in America is unacceptable,

The current state of HIV/AIDS in America is unacceptable, and the health of the American citizen is compromised. If the current situation continues, the momentum we have gained to ensure AIDS Free Generation will be diminished. Effectiveness of the AIDS prevention programs that has been implemented to diminish new HIV infections will no longer be adequate. We must stop this to happen.


GOMOJO is an underground,  grassroots movement organizing people ensuring synergistic efforts that help us document and implement models that are effective in achieving and organizing goals, and can be shared and scaled elsewhere.  We offer a unique mix of high impact community based sustainable health communication campaign strategies combined with really cool and appealing health-related products.

GOMOJO creates direct and indirect communication.  We promote, educate, and empower safe and responsible sexual health.  THE IMMEDIATE PROBLEMS we solve is removing the stigma behind carrying condoms and making them easily available when the moment of passion arrives, even the unexpected moments of passion.  

Since July of 2011, we have been engaging with the United States President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) and promoting AIDS Free Generation through disseminating information and condom distribution and developing a prophylactic carrying device, THE  MOJO LIFESAVER Condom Keychain.  The President strategy includes recommendations and requirements to ensure appropriate investment of the 58 billion dollars fund to fight for AIDS Free Generation, we are huge advocates with a direct focus on state and local public health.  We do this by following the Global, National, State and local health departments and help forming alliance with local communities to maximize the nation’s HIV prevention efforts ensuring cohesive approach to work with  local communities.


To dramatically decrease new HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies,  by empowering people to discreetly carry, safely store, easily access and use condom sense, anytime, anyplace and in any element.   Our campaign removes barriers to improve traditional condom distribution system and stimulates healthy behavior change.   GOMOJO ensures to transmit behavior change message faster and farther than any other approach.



MOJO Bags are not just any Condom Key Chain, they are marketing tools to promote sustainable high impact safe sex movements. The creation of the MOJO Lifesaver Male and Female condom key chain holder.


Create social networking profiles (instagram, facebook, twitter, Google+, ) that send information about HIV prevention

Development of a sex-positive branding strategy that promotes safer sex and harm reduction approaches

Display HIV risk reduction pop-ups that will catch the attention of target populations (ie: using attractive models and positive promotion of safer sex)

Display local links for HIV testing and services on the first page of websites

Have peer educators create profiles and respond to ads with information about where to obtain free condoms and/or free testing

Have peer educators set up an educational profile on social networking sites and ‘friend’ others

Have public health professionals host live chats where individuals can ask questions about HIV and other STDs

Include a standard place for HIV status disclosure on all sites

Randomly display innovative and diverse condom advertisements

Require users of dating or sexual networking websites to click on a pop-up that acknowledges the importance of using condom

Increase the availability of online interventions

Increase the number and availability of interventions that address substance use

Expand the availability of free and low cost HIV testing

Increase condom availability and appeal

  • We increase condom availability and appeal by empowering people to discreetly carry, safely store, easily access and use condom sense with an airtight, waterproof condom carrying device customized in endless beautiful artwork and appealing designs.

Increase the number and availability of youth-specific interventions

  • We increase the number and availability of youth-specific interventions. GOMOJO is working to raise the societal urgency regarding to the HIV/AIDS issues through our partnerships by highlighting the opportunities, challenges, and efforts affecting boys and young men and women of color and  poverty to the public.


GOMOJO empowers people to carry condoms with MOJO LIFESAVER Condom Key Chains stimulating healthy behavior change, by removing the barriers that ensure availability of condoms even when unexpected moment of passion arrived.


Our distribution campaigns are used to reduce mortality and morbidity through behavior change.   We do this with intervening two core components reflecting two social marketing principles:

(1) promoting behavior change through multiple communication channels, one being mass media,

and (2) the creation of the MOJO Lifesaver Male and Female condom key chain holder that facilitates adoption and maintenance of healthy behavior change, sustains cessation of harmful behaviors, and protects against behavior-related diseases.

We provide meaningful support for locally driven and developed HIV prevention programs. GOMOJO helps the community by increasing the knowledge of the HIV/AIDS  epidemic through loyalty program, sharing local stories and information, offering solutions for the local problems, increase the HIV/AIDS awareness, offering partnerships with local community and health based organizations.


  • We work with programs that are working on the local level such as access to prevention services in comprehensive sexuality education, condom distribution and we support these programs with ongoing research and participation.

  • We ensure HIV prevention programs are adequately supported and promoted including core prevention, surveillance and public information aimed at reaching all Americans with accurate information.  

  • We increase the availability for media campaigns. To increase the availability,  we must incorporate grant and funding information  in co-branding strategies  of the Downtown Las Vegas  startup community.  The Members of Downtown Las Vegas  startup businesses must unite  and  work as a one start up company and share their similarities to support the city.

  • We increase the availability of online interventions by:

    • Increasing the Downtown community knowledge through online loyalty program

    • We collect HIV/AIDS information and local stories and make available online to share and connect local communities with the world and resources available to get tested and treatment

    • We facilitate to solve problems through online interventions

    • Increasing awareness through partnership programs to local communities and health based organizations by emphasizing high risk HIV/AIDS demographic

  • We expand the awareness and availability of free and low cost HIV testing.

The high rate of new incidents of STD’s, HIV/AIDS, and Unplanned Pregnancy affect women, men, transgender people of all ages, from all socioeconomic levels and affecting the black race at grossly disproportionate rates of new incidences.

Which leads to the question – What can you, as a healthcare provider, do to encourage, educate and empower not only women but ALL people to protect themselves?  To link them to testing, care, treatment and ongoing unfettered equal access to prevention tools in the places they live, learn, walk, play, pray and even go get grindr laid anytime, any place and in any element?

Today’s woman, men and non gender conforming individuals must be prepared– Education is key.  But educational printed materials alone are not be enough to change the behavior of women, men and trans and all those at risk. Truth is, What we KNOW does not necessarily equate what we DO BUT being

EMPOWERED means achievement in the moment of passion that between stimulus and response.  

The innovator behind the #GOMOJO LIFESAVER® is a single mother of three a social entrepreneur and community scientist from a multicultural background from the Las Vegas, NV.  She is a girl in #VegasTECH #UNLV2DTLV community on a crusade to bring awareness, remove social stigma behind carrying and using condoms,

We know that women need to feel comfortable before they will actually carry and use female condoms. Just giving away condoms does not guarantee that they will be used; chances are that women will not carry the condoms for fear of being judged should someone see one in her purse.  To accommodate “condom wallets” are purchased with donated, public and federal funding and given out along with the condom distribution.  We are asking all Our innovative product, the #GOMOJO LIFESAVER® Condom Holder, is the first unisex catch all key chain carrying device that holds true to it’s name LIFESAVER

  • HOLDS Condoms (Lube and Tubes)

  • HOLDS Medications, Pep/Prep, microbicides

  • HOLDS Information inserts testing, treatment, support, opportunities, reminders, sponsors message, mystery maps

  • HOLDS Your Stake and Pitch Your Org -Meaningful Community Engagement



#GOMOJO LIFESAVER® is an important tool that empowers ALL people to discreetly carry, safely story, easily access and condoms, anytime, anyplace and in any element.  Rest and will assure a woman of having her own, good-quality protection without judgment and raise the odds that she will make healthier, smarter choices of safer sex practices.

The style factor is an element that is often overlooked when dealing with men and/or sexual health products.

The makers of #GOMOJO took this fact into consideration when creating their product, while addressing a woman’s innate nature of privacy when dealing with intimate matters, #GOMOJO LIFESAVER® upholds a woman’s requirement for style, again, raising the odds that she will actually carry the condoms and use them.

Become a leader in transforming the behavior of young people, women and men at risk by offering this groundbreaking tool, service and network provider research guide.

We offer great pricing for Nonprofits and Healthcare Professionals. Please contact Michele@gomojo.us for further information.


if you walk without rhyme you'll never learn


Recent Announcements


The President believes we must invest in the true engine of America’s economic growth – a rising and thriving middle class. He is focused on addressing three fundamental questions:

How To make America once again a magnet for jobs, the Budget invests in high-tech manufacturing and innovation, clean energy, and infrastructure, while cutting red tape to help businesses grow?

To give workers the skills they need to compete in the global economy, it invests in education from preschool to job training.

To ensure hard work is rewarded, it raises the minimum wage to $9 an hour so a hard day’s work pays more. do we attract more jobs to our shores?  


How do we equip our people with the skills needed to do the jobs of the 21st Century?

GOMOJO, INC. is based out of Las Vegas, NV and we have been on a mission right behind Tony Hsieh who has invested in many of the tools we will use once we get off and running in the STREET OF LOVE. to connect people and resources to bridge the gap bottoms up. We are a VERY fortunate to be part of something much bigger start-up company equip ALL people with the skills needed to do the jobs of the 21st Century
How do we make sure hard work leads to a decent living?



  • Fashion
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Catchall Key Chain Holder