with the Human Touch


Moira Hunter 


will lead a discussion 27, 28, 29 October '06 at  Knowplace


 The free Open Weekend will focus on three threads : 


  • skills and qualities of online facilitators in live, online learning environments
  • learners and their expectations in the virtual learning environment
  • mix of technology needed to ensure successful learning in real time  


and will take place both asynchronously and synchronously in three environments


These three days of discussion and discovery learning will occur in the Knowplace Moodle and live online, affording participants an opportunity to see different virtual classroom environments 'in action' rather than just a demo of the tools and to show what different types are available. You really don't want to miss this one....Mark it on your calendar now


Moira  Hunter  

will be online accompanied  by

Geoff Kaye, the co-developer of DiscoverE ,  and

Sundar Subramanian, co-founder and Director of Product Management of Dimdim


Where and When?????


This Open Weekend takes place at Knowplace

Moodle Access Steps 
1. If you are not already a member, please create a free account at Knowplace 
2. Once registerd, you can enter the course at 9 am Pacific Time (Vancouver, British Columbia)
 Or 5 pm (1700 hrs) GMT on Friday 27 October. Look here to see what time it is for you. 

Remember - times change on Sunday for some of you! DST ends.
3.  If you receive a request for an enrolment key -- you are too early, so come on back later!


Scheduled DiscoverE sessions will take place on the following days at the specified times:
Friday 27 October        21.00 GMT 
Saturday 28 October   10.00 GMT    21.00 GMT 
Sunday 29 October      04.00 GMT    14.00 GMT   21.00 GMT
These sessions will last about 60 minutes.  Participants can then enter the room later as moderator to have a 'hands on' experience.  
DiscoverE Room Access Steps   
This is a quick and easy download for PC Windows OS only.  Internet Explorer is recommended.
1.  Click here and go to the virtual room.
2.  Allow voice chat software to automatically download.... Run the application. 
      DO NOT SAVE.   
3.  Click on install.  Allow automatic installation.
4.  When login screen appears, enter a screen name (preferably your first name).  
5.  Leave password blank.
6.  Have your  headset and mic plugged in.


Scheduled Dimdim sessions will take place on the following days at the specified times:
Friday 27 October         17.30 GMT 
Saturday 28 October    09.00 GMT    12.00 GMT    17.30 GMT 
Sunday 29 October       09.00 GMT    12.00 GMT    17.30 GMT 
These sessions will last about 45 minutes. 

Dimdim Room Access Steps
Dimdim is browser based so for attendees, no installation is necessary.
If you wish to be a presenter, <1Mb installation is needed.  Right now,  Presenters have to be on Windows OS while Attendees can be on any OS or browser platform.
The Dimdim rooms are limited in capacity to nine.  Please contact me if you would like to be sure to have a seat in the Dimdim sessions at a specific time, and please provide your  Skype ID.