Biology training

B.Sc. Microbiology and M.S. Biological Sciences

Writings during IISc


Project II Report: Stress response in yeast


Project III Report: Rat genomic TP1 


Project proposal at the Centre for Ecological Sciences: Soil fungi


Technical report at the CES 

Garware College: Microbiology 

Microbiology. First contact with Science

Micro class, outside the lab..


IISc: BioSciences, Integrated Ph.D.

 The Integrated Ph.D. Biological Sciences Batch of 1995.



That's where I got the M.S. Doing this n that in a bunch of labs. Mainly that of Prof. MRS Rao and of Prof. Parag Sadhale.

Getting the M.S. from the Science Dean 


And then I was lucky enough to go to the Mahabaleshwar Neuroscience meeting of the IBRO, courtesy of Vidyanand Nanjundiah and  Sumantra Chattarji. Where I met John Nicholls, and then went on to SISSA!