Hardy Heron

1. ACPI error in Vaio:

          How can you  solve this problem?

        For Live cd:

                 1. Boot from your hardy heron cd

                 2. If you want to just use this cd for live run ( not installation ), then press F6, check both (1) acpi=off (2) noacip

                 3. Boot your machine.


      For Installed Ubuntu 8.04:

                 Let`s assume that, you are going to direct install from your live cd. Now steps are:

                 1. Boot from your hardy heron cd

                 2. Press F6, check both (1) acpi=off (2) noacip

                 3. Install Hardy Heron into your system

                 4. Boot it

                 5. At Boot menu, select the first one: Ubuntu8.04....  ( not the recovery mode one ), press "e", you will enter into another menu which is under Ubuntu8.04... menu. Select "root....." and press "e", from that line  delete the "quit" word.

                 6. Boot your machine from here with "b"

                 7. Machine will boot into GUI mode

                 8. Open terminal, as root open /boot/grub/menu.lst and do the  same as 5; delete the "quit" word from "root...." sentence.

                 9. Boot your machine 

2. Firefox 3.0 Beta 5 BUG:

                This is very funny that, it is not possible to print any webpages from your firefox with the extension .pdf ( portable document format ). This is really a pain. You can look at here:


Anyways, me and some of my friends are searching solutions for this problem.

3. Ubuntu 8.04 hangs with high graphics:

                I am really surprised to see that, Ubuntu 8.04 hanged in my laptop if i tries to run the blinky blinky, jumpy jumpy things with quite speed. I don`t know, if it is my video cards`s configuration problem or Hardy Heron`s problem. I have to check that out!