About Mohawk Search and Tsubasa Kato

About Mohawk Search

Project has been completed! Thank you for using it from 2003 to 2016!

We are moving on to SuperAI.online !

Mohawk Search is powered in a server in Japan.

English version of Mohawk Search went out of BETA on October, 2014. You can access it here at www.mohawksearch.com.

It is written in Perl, and is going to be made bigger with the help of fellow engineers.
The name was inspired from the world famous web server, apache.
I am going to make it a search engine where you can find sites that are available only here, and causes serendipity.

There are several algorithms and features to be added soon, so keep watching!

Tsubasa Kato is the lead developer for Mohawk Search and can be reached from:


Feel free to contact me any time.

Tsubasa Kato's Profile:

    Fluent in English and Japanese, has over 13 years of Perl programming experience.
    Interests range in variety, but the main focus now is search engine, information retrieval and web mining.
    Likes to read books a lot. Interested in someday owning a personal supercomputer. 
    Alumnus of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Short Program: Applied Cyber Security 2013

    TOEIC Score: 990/990 (2012)
    TOEFL Score: CBT 260/300 (2006)


Updated 2017/1/14