We have transitioned to SuperAI Search! ( http://www.superai.online/solr )

Update 4/14/2018:

This is a short video of what Mohawk Search used to look like on various mobile devices.

Update 9/3/2017:

We are making a backend integrated with IBM's Watson. More coming soon!

Update 3/10/2017:

I am thinking of making a separate Mohawk Search aside from SuperAI search, with a different backend.

Stay tuned!

Update 1/26/2017:

I've created an alpha version of SuperAI.online search engine.

Please take a look at: http://www.superai.online/search.html

Update 12/15/2016:

I am renting a server now, and testing various projects.

One of the projects is SuperAI (http://www.superai.online).

I am planning to make a Solr based search engine that utilizes AI powered by Mohawk Search crawler and search engine.

Stay tuned!


Tsubasa Kato

@stingraze on twitter

Update 11/29/2016:

Good News!

I am beginning to think about a plan to get Mohawk Search up and running again with server somewhere in the cloud or a good server in U.S. using Solr or Elasticsearch.

Will keep you posted.


You can tweet to me at @stingraze if you'd like it to happen! :-)


Tsubasa Kato


Dear all users,

I have decided to close down Mohawk Search.

Thank you for using Mohawk Search from all around the world. I can't thank you all enough.

I am moving on to newer technologies, such as studying quantum mechanics and quantum computers.

I am still planning to make an all new search engine some day, so please stay tuned.

If you would like to support my future projects please send an email to:

tsubasa_kato@hotmail.com with the title "Mohawk Search's Future".

The Mohawk Search crawler's source code is available here:


BitCoin Donations are also welcome:



Tsubasa Kato




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