Personal life: 

I was born in Mashhad, Iran and I live in Brisbane, QLD/Australia now  (see my personal page)

Academic life: 

I received my Master degree from Shahid Beheshti University (Tehran, Iran, sbu.ac.ir) in Computer Architecture and my Ph.D. from the University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia in 2015. My PhD topic was related to the theory of optimization under supervision of Prof. Zbigniew MichalewiczProf. Xiaodong Li, and Prof. Frank Neumann. I am a member of OptLog (Optimization and Logistics group) group in Adelaide Uni and ECML (EC and Machine Learning) group in RMIT university. I am also in the scientific advisory board of Complexica. Since Feb. 2016, I joined the Centre for Advanced imaging (CAI) at the University of Queensland as a postdoctoral research fellow.

In my PhD, I was working on the theoretical aspects of continuous space optimization including constrained and un-constrained spaces. The main algorithm I concentrated on was particle swarm optimizer (PSO) and I investigated its limitations in continuous space. My work included investigating the abilities of PSO when the space is rotated (non-separable), when the number of dimensions grow, stagnation in the algorithm, local convergence, stability, niching abilities and strategies to handle constraints in PSO.  See my thesis and the most comprehensive review article in this field.

As a side project, I was analysing real-world problems to understand what are the differences between them and benchmark problems (see this paper). These analyses resulted in a new model of problems called "multi-component" problems. These are in fact problems that can be found in real-world supply chain very frequently. The main argument is that current combinatorial benchmarks (TSP, MKP, Scheduling such as JSSP, MTSP, and so on) are "toy" problems in comparison to real-world supply chains. See this paper to have a better idea about multi-component problems. Also, contact me if I could help on this regard. 

I have been also very interested in games specially racing games (see Simulated Car Racing page for details on this project). 

Industrial experiences: 

From 2007 to 2010 I was working with a microelectronic company where I was designing PCBs for control systems. I was working professionally with micro controllers such as ATMega. I was also a casual lecturer during that time in two universities (Roudhen University and Damavand University)

I moved to Australia in August 2011 and I started working with "SolveIT Software" (Supply and demand optimisation, Schneider Electric) from Sep. 2011 to Mar. 2015 where I was involved in the mine optimization scientific board as a senior optimization engineer. In SolveIT, we designed and implement methods to solve variety of optimization problems mainly in mine industry. These problems mostly included supply chain optimization, scheduling, planning, and simulating, all of them were real-world problems with a very high level of details.  

I worked also with Complexica (May 2015-Feb. 2016) where I was a senior data scientist. My task was to meet clients, understand problems, design proper tools, write proposals, and present the ideas to the clients. I am now a scientific adviser of the company. Complexica is a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence software for optimising sales & marketing activities, ranging from promotionalplanning, pricing, and productmix optimisation, through to salesforce automation, CRM, and multi-channelquoting and order processing.

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