Saeed Moghimi

NOAA/UCAR scientist at the Coast Survey Development Lab, Office of Coast Survey, National Ocean Service, NOAA, Silver Spring, Maryland.

Research interests
  • Wave-current interaction 
  • Nearshore, estuarine and river hydrodynamical processes 
  • Synthesizing river, estuary, and ocean model output and observations 
  • High-resolusion eddy-resolving coupled wave and ocean circulation modeling 
  • Data assimilation and data-assimilative modeling 
  • Utilization of remote-sensing data in ocean dynamics 
  • Statistical data analysis and visualization 
  • Regional weather, circulation and wave prediction systems 
  • Transport processes (pollution, sediment and tracers)

At a glance

 Research interests
Research intersts

 Current research
Wave induced turbulence

 Current research
Data assimilation

 Technical skills
Technical skills

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This is the Unix philosophy : Write programs that do one thing and do it  well. Write programs to work together.